Help Your Kids Learn Spanish Using These Wonderful Products

Help Your Kids Learn Spanish Using These Wonderful Products

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Ever wonder why it is easier for kids to pick up a second language than it is to learn one as an adult? Research has shown that learning a new language before the age of ten gives students the best chance of becoming proficient in that language. According to Rosetta Stone, children's brains can learn a language's grammar and pronunciation rules more easily than an adult brain can, a skill that begins to decline by the time they are around 17 or 18 years old.

In summary, this means that if you want your child to learn a second language, it is best to begin teaching them the grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of that language while they are still young. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we've made a list of some amazing and useful products that can help you teach your little one all about the beauty and wonder of the Spanish language!

Christina and the Whales

Cristina and the Whales * Cristina y las ballenas
Written by Marta Curti

Even though it may be easier to teach a younger child a second language, that doesn't mean your older children won't want to learn Spanish as well! This middle-grade book is the perfect way to help older students learn about Spanish. The story revolves around Christina, a young girl who discovers she has a special gift after she moves into a new house by the sea. While many people don't believe her, Christina continues to try and convince those around her that she can hear the whales singing. This book, written in Spanish and English, contains critical thinking and reflective questions to challenge young readers. Christina's inspiring story also encourages them to learn more about environmental awareness and gain an appreciation of nature's beauty and balance.

Learn more about Cristina y las ballenas here!

SuperKids (English & Spanish Editions)
Written by Anya Damiron

Learning a second language isn't just about gaining a new, useful skill - it's also about learning about a new culture and discovering the diversity found around the world. "SuperKids" is an award-winning book that teaches kids English and Spanish and encourages them to find their own superpowers and to always look for the good in others. With beautiful illustrations that show different abilities that people with special needs can develop, SuperKids is a fun book about inclusion, respect, and love that highlights the positive, teaching kids to respect diversity and making them feel great about being exactly who they are.

Learn more about SuperKids here!

Super Kids
Lil' Loteria: A Lil' Libros Bilingual Bingo Game

Lil' Loteria: A Lil' Libros Bilingual Bingo Game
Created by Lil' Libros

For parents looking for more hands-on ways to teach their little ones about Spanish, Lil' Loteria is the perfect choice for you! A fun twist on a classic game, Lil' Loteria turns the traditional bingo game into an exciting way to learn Spanish. Kids gain memory and matching skills while also learning helpful vocabulary in both English and Spanish. Once the game board is filled with matching cards, the player will shout "LOTERIA" in order to win the game! Repetition is a proven study method for learning a new language, so Lil' Loteria is a great way for parents to make learning Spanish fun!

Learn more about Lil' Loteria here!

Language Together Set 1
Created by Germaine Choe

If you're in search of a product that can grow with your child during their Spanish-learning journey, then look no further! The Language Together sets are confidence-inspiring sets of readers for children who are beginning to learn a new language. Each box set includes 10 beginner readers with 100 themed vocabulary words, access to online audio narration by native speakers, English translations, a vocabulary chart, and a 24-page Teacher’s Guide. Set 1 is perfect for children who are just starting to learn a new language as it introduces the building blocks of language. In Set 1, each reader focuses on a different theme, such as family, colors, numbers, shapes, and more!

Learn more about Language Together products here!

Language Together

Little Polyglot Adventures (Vol. 1): Dylan's Birthday Present / El Regalo de Cumpleaños de Dylan
Written by Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos

Another cute book that's perfect for learning about English and Spanish, "Dylan's Birthday Present" is a great way to introduce the topics of different languages and cultures to children through a sweet and fun story. Dylan is an American boy whose parents come from other countries and speak to Dylan in different languages. On his birthday, Dylan receives a unique present, but he accidentally loses it! Alongside his best friend, Emma, Dylan sets out on an adventure to find his lost present. While reading the book, children will learn six new words in other languages and feel like polyglots themselves!

Learn more about El Regalo de Cumpleaños de Dylan here!

The Collection Bundle
Created by Binibi

An amazing product for your youngest little Spanish learner, the Binibi sound books have been specially designed to delight your child and ignite their love of languages through play, stories, and music. Binibi's sound books include beautiful, colorful illustrations, and the stories inside have been carefully crafted with rhyme and repetition to encourage language development. These books have also been designed to be used by babies, so they are made with quality materials to withstand drops and dings. Additionally, the thick pages, rounded corners, and small buttons mean that babies can engage in independent play and can proudly master their books, from the mechanics of turning pages to speaking along with the stories. 

Learn more about Binibi products here!

The Collection Bundle
Wordy Ensalada

Wordy EnSALADa
Created by Wordy Toys

Having Spanish books that children can read together with you is a great way to teach them about a new language, but for children who may not be the reading type, there are still other ways that you can encourage them to learn! The Wordy EnSALADa is an at-home, educational toy that also works to promote healthy eating habits, encourage imaginative play, build social-emotional skills, and gain cultural exposure all while learning another language. It's great for children from ages 3-8, and each piece in the playset has a unique double-sided design with English on one side and Spanish (or French) on the other. By being exposed to another language through everyday, imaginative play, children will be able to build their cognitive and linguistic skills with this amazing product!

Learn more about Wordy Toys products here!

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