How Teaching My Kids Goal-Setting Skills Saved My Sanity

How Teaching My Kids Goal-Setting Skills Saved My Sanity

This was my dilemma about five years ago. I am a boy mom. At that time my boys were eleven and seven years old respectively. Every day I felt like I was drowning. So many demands and not enough time. There had to be another way. How could I give my boys more autonomy with the confidence to start taking on age-appropriate responsibilities? My solution was to teach them goal-setting principles. The objective was making them conscious goal setters. This literally saved my sanity. Here are some tangible changes I saw with my boys. Read More

What If We Focused on the Things They Do Right?

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What if, instead, we focused on the things they do right? What if, we thanked them for what they do well, noticing what they have to offer, thus sending them the message that we believe in their ability to choose wisely. Read More

Teaching Our Kids The Importance Of Consciousness

Consciousness is an important aspect of life. Teachers teach their students about conscious behavior, ministers preach about conscious behavior, counselors guide clients on how to be more conscientious and society itself praises those of us who are upstanding, conscious citizens. Read More