Giveaway: Freshwater Tank – The Educational Board Game of Fish Compatibility

Freshwater Tank MC - Giveaway Featured Image

We’re giving away the award-winning “Freshwater Tank” by Kaplan Crypto 3 winners! About the Product: Dive into the world of freshwater aquariums with our exciting giveaway! 🌊 Ever dreamed of creating your perfect fish tank? Now’s your chance! Introducing the Freshwater Tank game with 155 fish species and 100 unique challenges. Discover your dream tank setup, from goldfish to cichlids and more! Compete with friends and family to build the … Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner John Cappello

MCA Interview Series Featured image John C Cappello

Welcome to today’s interview with John Cappello, Mom’s Choice Award-winning author of Mom! There are Angels in the Kitchen! as well as other books that have won considerable acclaim. John is highly sought-after as a speaker, and his books have won 15 literary awards for their content and original material on psychic development and grief recovery. Read More

National Bullying Prevention Month Giveaway: Friends Lift You Up

National Bullying Prevention Month Giveaway: Friends Lift You Up

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, we’re giving away the award-winning book, “Friends Lift You Up,” by author Lotus Kay to 3 lucky winner! About the Book: The newest title in the award-winning children’s book series by youth author Lotus Kay, Friends Lift You Up, tackles the subject of anti-bullying, how to be a good friend, and being kind towards others. Friends Lift You Up tells the story of April … Read More