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We’re giving away this award-winning book to 1 lucky winner!
Deepening the characters so artfully sketched by J.M. Barrie, Hook & Jill reveals the dark side of innocence at which Barrie hinted in the figure of Peter Pan. It brings alive a daring Wendy who asks questions and seeks truth; it delves into the man, Hook, the iconic villain. Striding from fairy-tale and thrusting into reality, Captain Hook becomes a frightening force indeed. Read More

Interview with Carole Sondrup, Author of Elephants Love Cowboys Too!

As we continue sharing interviews with some of our favorite Mom’s Choice Award-Winning Honorees, we are excited to have spent some time with Carole Sondrup, author of the touching and animal-friendly book Elephants Love Cowboys Too! Carole’s book is a sweet tale of the  relationship between her father and Amy, the elephant they raised from infancy on their ranch. Read More

Best Award-Winning Teething Products

Best Award-Winning Teething Products

Yes, every child has to go through it, but it doesn’t have to be terrible for you and you little one with the help of these award-winning teething products. Read More