Giveaway: Alicia Connected – Lost and Found

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We are giving away the award-winning book, “Alicia Connected – Lost and Found,” by author Derek Fisher, to 3 lucky winners!

About the Book:

Alicia is excited to go on a long weekend trip with her parents to a house on a lake. They all can’t wait to see what is in store for them as they enjoy some time on the water and hiking in the woods. Before they pack their bags Alicia has a few days at school full of challenges and even a few lessons about responsibility when one of her friends’ loses their phone!

Alicia and her friends also learn that not everything you hear can be trusted as a rumor spreads like wildfire through the school bus one morning. The friends are shocked to find out that some of the information that is online, isn’t always true. With the help of her parents, Alicia sets out to investigate the rumor and determine the truth. Through this, she learns about the dangers of fake news and the importance of fact-checking.

When Alicia and her parents take their long-awaited trip, they enjoy all that nature can offer. Even better, they are able to combine nature and technology by doing one of Alicia’s favorite activities. Geocaching! But when they return home from the fun-filled weekend, Alicia discovers that she has a cyberstalker. While Alicia is able to navigate the situation with her parents, one of her friends has to find a way to protect herself from a similar problem. Luckily, the friends are able to come together to learn how to protect themselves from these dangers online.

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Giveaway: Alicia Connected – Lost and Found

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