Spring Sensory Activities Perfect for Entertaining Your Baby

Spring Sensory Activities Perfect for Entertaining Your Baby Featured

Sensory activities help babies explore the world around them and learn about almost anything, from textures to colors to counting and more. When it comes to thinking up new ideas, the kids will love it; however, it might not be so easy. If you’re looking for new sensory activities perfect for the springtime, give the following a try. Read More

Top 10 Remote Jobs in 2022

Top 10 Remote Jobs Featured

Many people find it better to work remotely due to their convenience and flexibility. A few examples of Google Certified remote jobs are Freelance translator, Digital marketer, Technical support engineer, Blogger, Social Media Marketing. Having a remote job can save you money and time by eliminating your travel expenses and reducing other problems associated with working in a traditional workplace. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Shreya Gupta

Shreya Gupta Featured

For this interview, we were able to catch up with Shreya Gupta, author of the Mom’s Choice Award-Winning book, The Flip Side! This is Shreya’s second Mom’s Choice Award as well as her second MCA interview! Shreya has been very busy since her last interview in August of 2020, and we got to discuss with her what exactly she’s been up to since then. Since her last interview, she has published her new award-winning book, The Flip Side, which is a story about overcoming the very real and negative effects of cyberbullying. Did we mention Shreya is only 12 years old! Keep reading to find out more about the amazing Shreya Gupta and her award-winning book, The Flip Side! Read More

Stress-Free Travel With Your Entire Family

Stress-Free Travel With Your Entire Family Featured

When it comes to traveling with your family, the three biggest obstacles are planning, budget, and logistics. However, when you want your children to have an expanded view of the world, you have to learn how to overcome these inconveniences. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Kathleen Alley

Kathleen Alley MCA Interview Series Featured image

For this interview, we were honored to get the chance to speak with Kathleen Alley, MCA award-winning creator of Babagoose Baby Throw! The Babagoose Baby Throw has a patented pocket on the reverse side for keeping a teether, pacifier, small kleenex, etc; the Babagoose Baby Throw is smaller in size, which was designed specifically for strollers. Read More