Giveaway: National Pet Month Giveaway

Attention all pet-loving moms & dads! 🐾✨ In celebration of National Pet Day and the exciting expansion of our pet category here at Mom’s Choice Awards, we’re thrilled to announce a special giveaway just for you! Read More

Giveaway: Tiny Traveler Classic Wireless Bundle

We are giving away the award-winning “Tiny Traveler Classic Wireless Bundle” to 1 lucky winner! ​About the Product:   We love to bless a mama with a product that makes life easier and provides peace of mind. The Tiny Traveler is a camera system designed for the car, that allows you to drive safely and still have your kiddo in view, the battery cradle companion makes the system entirely wireless … Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Tasha-Nicole Terani

As part of our ongoing interview series with MCA winners, we have with us today award-winning author Tasha-Nicole Terani. An internationally recognized, she recently received the Mom’s Choice Gold Award for her first children’s book, A Tree for Me. This gentle story, aimed at children ages 2–8, is about the journey we all take in search of unconditional love—and provides wisdom about where to find it. Read More

Unlocking Productive Weekends: 7 Ways to Utilize Your Time Efficiently

In our fast-paced world, weekends often feel like they go as quickly as they came due to the chaos of our daily lives. However, with strategic planning and follow-through, weekends can transform from mere breaks to powerful personal growth and productivity tools. Below are seven ways to make the most of your weekends and emerge rejuvenated and accomplished! Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Lulu Guo

Today, it’s our pleasure to talk with Lulu Guo, the creator and CEO of FancyCube Lip Gloss—a cosmetic brand that focuses on trendy accessorized beauty products for teens. Concerned about a lack of makeup products specifically for girls aged 3–18, Lulu and her partners created products to fill that gap. Their products encourage aesthetic education, self-confidence, self-discovery, and creative inspiration. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Connie Thornell

Today we have with us Connie Thornell, author of the delightful Mom’s Choice Award-winning Touring with Tinzie Jo and Brindley picture books. All three books in this series can be used as read-alouds for infants through preschool. They are also a great teaching resource in the early elementary grades—and with their positive lessons, a poetic style, and figurative language throughout, they can also serve as teaching tools in secondary schools, as well. Read More

Giveaway: Mother’s Day Bundle

This Mother’s Day, help us treat your superhero mom to a gorgeous gathering of two dozen assorted roses and twelve strawberries dipped in white chocolaty confection with milk chocolatey drizzle. Read More