Australian Lawmaker Makes History and Nurses Baby on Parliament Floor

australian lawmaker nurses baby

Earlier this month, Australian senator Larissa Waters did something that is both completely natural and also record-setting: she nursed her 10-week-old daughter on the floor of Parliament. Alia Joy is the first baby to be breastfed in the building after laws were changed last year to allow children on the floor. Read More

New York’s First Homeless Girl Scout Troop Is Making News

homeless girl scout troop

At first glance, the girls who make up Girl Scout Troop 6000 may seem just like your ordinary group of Scouts. They wear their vests, earn badges, and recite their pledge. They laugh, hug, and support one another.

The troop is also New York City’s first all-homeless group of girls, all living in the Sleep Inn in Queens, NY. Read More

Mom’s Hilarious Moana Parody is Every Overdue Pregnant Woman Ever

moana parody

Murphy decided to put her feelings to Moana’s all-too-familiar tune, and it is spot on. Changing the title to, “How Long I’ll Go,”, she belts out, “Thought I wasn’t prepared, now my due date’s behind me, can’t reach my toes, now I know there’s just no telling how long I’ll go!” Read More