85% of Millennial Mothers Don’t Feel Our Society Understands Or Supports Motherhood

Perhaps the one statistic that sums up everything else in the study, though, is that a whopping 85% of women in the study said that they don’t believe that our society understands or supports them as mothers. Let that sink in. The people who are birthing and raising the next generation of citizens and society-members don’t feel as though they’re seen or heard. Read More

And This is 10 Years Old – Reality, Growing Up, Learning and Loss

And This is 10 Years Old - Reality, Growing Up, Learning and Loss

My oldest daughter turned 10 a couple of months ago. I have just recently come to the realization that I have lost my little girl. The temper tantrums have stopped. The crying for no reason has stopped. The clingy-ness of a small child is something I will never see in her again, and it all passed by in a flash with me feeling relief as things started to change. Read More

3 Secrets to Thriving in Life with Food Allergies

3 Secrets to Thriving in Life with Food Allergies

Let’s face it, raising a child with food allergies can be so overwhelming! It’s easy to doubt your abilities, be confused or be really stressed out! As a fellow food allergy parent to a child with multiple life threatening food allergies – I totally understand and I’d like to share the 3 secrets I’ve learned along the way. Read More

GIVEAWAY: Muriel’s Garden (Book)

GIVEAWAY Muriel's Garden Book

We’re giving away this award-winning book, Muriel’s Garden to 1 lucky winner! Perfect for preschoolers & kindergarteners! Enter for your chance to win by noon on May 17th, 2019! Read More

5-Year-Old’s Outfit Deemed Inappropriate at School, so Her Mom Took Action

There is a bright spot in all of this, though. Emily Stewart didn’t take this lying down. She didn’t just send angry words out into the universe: she went straight to the source and made a change. Because of her boldness in speaking up, the school formally changed their policies, and now administrators are no longer able to make judgment calls on the appropriateness of a child’s outfit. Read More