Teaching Your Children About the Value of Change

Change can be scary – but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important that we learn the value of change and teach our kids to embrace it so they can learn to appreciate it as they experience change throughout their lives. Read More

Preventing Tooth Decay and Making Your Child’s Dental Visits a Positive Experience

Preventing Tooth Decay Making Child's Dental Visits Positive Experience Featured Image

My goal has always been to minimize conventional dental procedures like fillings, extractions, drilling, and “shots.” Many children anticipate their first dental visit will be difficult or maybe even “hurt.” The best way to give your child a positive dental experience is to take them to a pediatric dentist at 12-15 months of age before they get a cavity or need any treatment. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Holly Sharp

Holly Sharp MCA Interview Series Featured image

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers, welcome to another interview in our series! We hope this finds you well. For this interview, we were delighted to get the chance to speak with Holly Sharp, the author of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning book, Dream It & Do It. Dream It & Do It is a book that was inspired by the desire to introduce children to a wider range of career possibilities at a young age. Dream It & Do It is such an inspiring book that is a great tool for kids of all ages, genders, ethnicity, and backgrounds that have big dreams and aspirations in life. Keep reading to find out more about Holly Sharp and her motivating book, Dream It & Do It! Read More

Signs of Anxiety in Young Children

Anxiety in children

Anxiety is a major mental health problem for young children and teens that can lead to more complicated issues later in life. Here are some signs of anxiety in children and how to help them cope with it. Read More

Moms – Make Yourself A Priority It’s Essential

Moms-Make Yourself A Priority It’s Essential Featured Image

Do you ever find yourself feeling extremely drained from doing everything for everyone else? An entire day has gone by, and you didn’t get to do one thing for yourself. Everyone around you needs something, and being MOM, well, a lot of it is on you! Or so you feel. Read More

Gender in Our Home

"Gender In Our Home" Featured Image

“One night, my son with his dark skin and his afro locks looked into my eyes as we were reading yet another book about ballet in bed, and he asked me, “mummy, where is me? My son inherited his love for dance from his sister. Together, they attend classes and immerse themselves in ballet books and shows. It is uncommon to see brown ballerinas represented in books, toys, and media. Still, that trend is changing for the better. However, it is still infrequent to see boys represented in dance… Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winners Carol Zaslow and Patti Tanenbaum

Patti and Carol MCA-Interview-Series-Featured-image

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers, and welcome to another installment of our interview series! For this interview, we were able to speak with not only one, but two award-winning authors, Carol Zaslow and Patti Tanenbaum! Carol Zaslow and Patti Tanenbaum are co-authors of the MCA award-winning books, Lovable Grandpa Joe and Big Shaggy Max! Big Shaggy Max is a fun, educational, and heartwarming story about a boy and a dog that has some very important lessons to be learned. Lovable Grandpa Joe is an exceptional book about the incredible bond that exists between children and their grandparents. A portion of the sales of Lovable Grandpa Joe is also donated to Love for our Elders, an organization dedicated to enriching the lives of seniors, which are too often forgotten, with kindness and joy. Keep reading to find out more about Carol and Patti as well as their two award-winning books, Lovable Grandpa Joe and Big Shaggy Max! Read More

Cooking with Mom’s Choice: Kale Chips

Kale Chips

Looking for a healthy snack alternative to plain old chips? Here’s our favorite recipe for kale chips even your pickiest eater can love! These are perfect for bringing as a treat at a party or just as a snack to keep on hand at home! Read More