Wonderful Winter Books and Games For the Whole Family!

Wonderful Winter Books and Games For the Whole Family!

Draven Jackson
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With the cold of winter creeping in, and the smell of hot chocolate and freshly baked cookies filling our homes, the holiday spirit is here and ready to celebrate! Christmas is one of my favorite times of year - mostly because I love spending carefree, quality time with my family and friends. Although, the delicious food is definitely a plus!

One way my family always spends time together during the holidays is by reading winter books or playing holiday-themed games together. It's a fun way to usher in the changing season, and it always brings smiles and laughter into our home. If you're looking for some festive winter books and games to enjoy with your family, then look no further - these award-winning products are snow joke!

Crazy ice bubbles

Crazy Ice Bubbles
Created by Wishbone Consumer Products

Ever wanted to know what blowing bubbles (and watching them freeze) in the winter would be like? Then look no further, because this amazing product will be able to answer all your questions! Created especially for easy winter fun, Crazy Ice Bubbles are made with a special formula that's thicker than other bubble solutions, meaning that the winter bubble fun can last even longer. No two frozen bubbles are the same, and the surface tension (strength) of the Crazy Ice Bubble solution means you can even make bubble piles and towers! The solution works even on the windiest days, so you and your family can spend hours freezing, catching, and stacking these amazing bubbles.

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Isaiah's First Winter
Written by Paul Asjes

The first book in the adorable new "Forest Friends" series, "Isaiah's First Winter"  follows along as Isaiah makes some new friends and has a fun-filled summer. However, as winter comes along, he begins to worry about what he is going to do without his friends. While listening to the advice of the people around him, Isaiah realizes he has to make the decision that is best for him. This story has beautiful illustrations and can teach young readers a lot about change and how to deal with it.

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Isaiah's First Winter
Skim 'n score

Skim 'N Score
Created by Waterline Toys

Another great winter activity, SkimBe's add-on game Skim ' N Score is perfect for providing year-round fun for the whole family! Great for all four seasons, SkimBe can skip, skim, slide, and jump across any wet or smooth surface, and also works on water, ice, snow, wet turf, and even on your carpet and slick floors! Skim ‘N Score includes two SkimBe’s and a folding scoring mat, and the goal is to send the SkimBe sliding across the slick surface toward the Skim ‘N Score’s target in an attempt to land closest to the center of the mat and score a “bullseye”. You and your family are sure to have hours of fun with this amazing game!

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The Perfect Christmas Tree
Written by Michael Pellico

With the holidays right around the corner, it's time to start stocking up on cute Christmas books. However, "The Perfect Christmas Tree" isn't your average Christmas story -  it's a funny, sweet, and creative cautionary tale about cutting down a beautiful Christmas tree told from the evergreen's point of view. While a sweet story, this holiday-themed children's book also has many important lessons, including teaching children about the importance of respecting all life and that all life, including trees, have value.

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The Perfect Christmas Tree
Snowflake Science

Snowflake Science Activity Book
Written by Michael Peres and Patricia Cost

Winter is a season full of wonder, a time when the outside world is changing in new and fascinating ways. A great way to celebrate the shift in seasons and also teach your little one about these cool changes is through the Snowflake Science Activity Book. You and your little scientist can learn about the extraordinary beauty of ice crystals, and how, what, when, and why they occur using fun hands-on exercises and science experiments. The wide variety of activities in the Snowflake Science Activity Book will encourage your young scientists to explore science and discover more about the natural beauty of ice crystals.

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Snow Day! A Story Told in 24 Poem Forms
Written by CA Nobens

Another amazing winter children's story, "Snow Day!" is a unique and creative picture book that tells the story of Jo during her magical snow day, carried along from poem to poem like a chapter book. It is sure to engage and entertain primary and middle school readers, as well as their parents! Not only that, but it is also a wonderful poetry forms learning tool. Following each poem is an index and guide to the poem's form, meter, rhyme, and theme. Some forms are simple enough that kids will be able to try writing them right away, while other, more complex forms work to introduce the concept of writing poetry as a great brain game! Fun, colorful, and hilarious, CA Nobens' story perfectly captures the magic and beauty of a snow day!

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Snow Day!
Santa's Magical Reindeer

Santa's Magical Reindeer: Becoming Pen Pals
Written by Michele Monaco

Christmastime is full of fun, exciting stories about Santa, his elves, and all his reindeer, and "Santa's Magical Reindeer: Becoming Pen Pals" is a wonderful book to add to your Christmas story collection. It follows the journey of Prancer, Vixen, and Dasher as they search for eager pen pals who still believe in Santa and his magic. On their journey, they find three adorable and excited girls who are happy to exchange letters with them, leading the reindeer and the girls to become lifelong friends. An adorable, festive, and fun book, you are your little ones are sure to love this holiday story from beginning to end.

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  1. Love all these wonderful winter books and games; I especially like the Crazy Ice Bubbles, sounds like a fun product to try out!

  2. Thank you for the great information on these. I definitely need to get the Freezing Bubble for stocking stuffers (and an extra one for me). The Snowflake activity set would be very interesting for activities this winter.

  3. The kids would love the freexing bubbles. i am always looking for stuff that is different for my family to enjoy

  4. I am definitely getting the Crazy Ice Bubbles! The snowflake science activity book would be a great with the crazy ice bubbles.

    1. I would really enjoy sharing any of these seasonal books with my granddaughters, especially the Science of Snowflakes.

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