Exciting Puzzles and Products for Rainy Day Fun!

Exciting Puzzles and Products for Rainy Day Fun!

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In Japan and countries around the world, the summer season is full of warmth and sunshine - but it's also known for bringing in bad weather and days where it's nothing but rain. As much as I love a lazy Sunday where I can lay in bed and hear the rain hit the window panes, it can also get a little boring being trapped inside the house all day.

If you're someone who also enjoys a day inside but needs a little more stimulation than binge-watching Netflix or reading for 10 hours, then our award-winning puzzles and games can be the perfect option for you and your family! Challenge yourselves to put together a life-like rooster puzzle, or use this fun activity as a way to teach your children about the alphabet and space exploration. With so many amazing products to choose from, you're sure to find a few incredible options for you and your family!

I'm A Lil' Rooster

I Am Lil' Rooster
Created by Madd Capp Games

It's time to rise and shine to this amazing and innovative puzzle that's waking up the puzzle world! This 100-piece puzzle is poster-sized and features a colorful, glossy, and realistic image of a rooster mounted onto durable, premium-quality chipboard. The puzzle pieces are slightly oversized, making them perfect for small hands to pick up and move. This puzzle also includes a Fun Fact insert - not only can you create your own picture-perfect rooster, but you can also learn all about this fun barnyard bird!

Learn more about I am Lil' Rooster here!

Say and See ABC
Created by Who's Playing

If you need more ways to keep your little ones interested and learning during rainy summer days, then Say and See ABC is the perfect puzzle learning kit for you! Say and See ABC is a learn-through play kit that aims to teach early literacy skills and develop various motor, sensory and cognitive skills. The kit includes 29 puzzles (116 pieces), 1 activity booklet, 5 double-sided tracing letter cards, 1 instructions guide, and more! While playing with the Say and See ABC kit, your child will establish letter-sound recognition and learn to use this ability to acquire further literacy skills.

Learn more about Say and See ABC here!

See and Say ABC
Space Explorers

Space Explorers 48 Piece Science Puzzle
Created by Learn with OjO

Ready to explore space with OjO Games' amazing science-based puzzle collection? We sure are! This colorful 48-piece children's puzzle is perfect for both boys and girls ages 4+. As they work on the puzzle with you and your family, they will learn all about the planets' names and fun facts about space! Inside the kit, there is also a space-themed trivia quiz for extra play. If your child isn't very interested in space, there are also other science-learning puzzles themed around sea exploration and dinosaurs!

Learn more about the Space Explorers Science Puzzle here!

Mideer Level Up Jigsaw Puzzles
Created by Mideer Toys

Is your child a hands-on learner that loves to face new challenges? If so, then this award-winning product is the perfect choice to fit their needs! This amazing progressive puzzle series has seven stages that are scientifically designed according to the development of children's intelligence from ages 1-7, each stage corresponding to children of different ages. The number of pieces for each puzzle increases with each stage to help challenge your child's cognitive and motor skills. The themes of the puzzles also change, expanding from a single animal image to nature and urban scenes, and finally moving to the world's geography. The content and challenge of the puzzles will help your child learn and grow with each progressive stage!

Learn more about the Mideer Level Up Jigsaw Puzzle here!

Mideer Level Up Jigsaw Puzzles
GiiKER Super Blocks

GiiKER Super Blocks
Created by GiiKER

Putting a new spin on the classic puzzle, the GiiKER Super Blocks is a handheld console for jigsaw puzzles where the goal is to fill the light-up area with the indicated colors of various puzzle designs. Super Blocks features over 1000 leveled-up games with a hint mode and time-limited challenges. Through the Super Blocks method, children can develop cognitive skills, concentration, spatial insights, and logical reasoning through the different exciting and colorful puzzle challenges. This puzzle is inspiring and innovative because it combines the retro Gameboy design with the family fun pastime of puzzles!

Learn more about the GiiKER Super Blocks here!

Long & Tall Puzzle - Animal Friends Growth Chart
Created by The Learning Journey

Ready to challenge your kids to "measure up" to an exciting four-foot-tall puzzle? The Learning Journey's line of Long and Tall Puzzles are the perfect way to bring a little more excitement to a rainy day puzzle time! The Animal Friends Growth Chart Puzzle is a 50+ piece puzzle that features cute and cuddly animals throughout the design. It also has rulers on the edges so kids can track their growth. No need to mark up your doorways anymore! Your kids can watch themselves grow taller next to all of these cute furballs. Putting the puzzle together will also help your kids stay engaged during family game time and sharpen their hand-eye coordination and problem-solving skills.

Learn more about the Learning Journey's Long and Tall Puzzles here!

Long and Tall Puzzle
Ecologic Puzzle

Saving Water-Ecologic Puzzle
Created by Adventerra Games

Putting together puzzles doesn't just have to be about passing time on a rainy day - it can also be an amazing learning experience for your little ones! Adventerra Games has a line of inspiring Ecologic Puzzles that are all about learning about the amazing world we live in and why it's important to do our part to take care of it. With the Saving Water-themed puzzle, children learn about the importance of water, and how to conserve this precious resource. The pieces of the puzzle tell a colorful story - red-edged pieces come together to create pictures of adorable sea creatures showing examples of how we waste water every day, while on green-edged pieces, these same cute animals show ways that children can save water!  This creative story-telling puzzle is both fun to put together and teaches important lessons we should all remember.

Learn more about the Ecologic Puzzles here!

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