Fantastic Beauty Products for You and Your Little Ones

Fantastic Beauty Products for You and Your Little Ones

Draven Jackson
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As Judith Hanson Lasater once said, "Taking time out of each day to relax and renew is essential to living well.” Everyone deserves to regularly give themselves a little self-care, and what better way to do that than with beauty products that can help you relax, renew yourself, and feel beautiful? So often our physical needs fall by the wayside because of responsibilities, busy schedules, and the wants and needs of others, but it's important to recognize that we also deserve a little love and attention, especially from ourselves. 

Not to mention, it's a necessity that we teach these lessons to our little ones and remind them that self-care isn't selfish, it's essential for a happy life. Buying and using new beauty products can be an exciting way to treat yourself and remember that you deserve attention, too! Here are some of our favorite, award-winning beauty products that are perfect for both you and your little ones.

Bath Sprudels

Bath Sprudels
Created by The Bean People USA

No spa day or beauty products collection is complete without bath bombs, and Bath Sprudels are the perfect way to teach your children about the beauty of a relaxing and fun bath time experience! These bath bombs are made for kids and have a surprise sponge toy inside. The Bath Sprudels six-pack contains 6 different colored bath bombs, each containing a mystery sponge character. Your little ones can use them one at a time or mix them together during their bath times, getting great spa treatment as well as a lesson on color theory! These bath bombs are non-toxic and don't have any scents, so they're great for children ages 3 and up.

Learn more about Bath Sprudels here!

Relaxing & Energizing Shower Steamers Megapack of 18 tablets
Created by Cleverfy Beauty

While your children use their new amazing Bath Sprudels, we also have relaxing shower steamers that are perfect for moms and dads everywhere who need a little rejuvenation. Cleverfy Beauty has created wonderful self-care essentials, including aromatherapy shower steamers, which help reduce anxiety and energize your mind and body. The shower steamers are similar to bath bombs but made to be enjoyed in the shower for people who may not have the time to fully relax in the bath. Not only do these shower steamers turn a normal, everyday shower into something more exciting, but they also provide wonderful health benefits! The most notable examples of these benefits are stress relief and mood enhancement. Your body and mind will feel refreshed after taking a shower with these wonderful, fragrant shower steamers. The scents included are ginger and orange, grapefruit, cocoa and orange, and lavender!

Learn more about Shower Steamers here!

Shower Steamers
Boiess Colognes

Boiess Clean, Natural Mom & Me Eau de Cologne 3x100 ml / 3.38 Fl Oz (x3) - Trio Travel Pack
Created by Boiess

Perfumes and fragrances are an essential part of any beauty products collection and create memories that can last a lifetime, but it can be difficult to find ones that are gentle and hypoallergenic enough to be used on sensitive skin. Boiess has a goal to create family fragrances that parents can trust. They have even launched a "Les Enfants" line of perfumes that are natural, clean "mom & me" perfumes for the whole family! The formula for their fragrances is gentle enough that they are even suitable for babies, giving both mother and child the fragrance of nurture and love that will create memories for everyone.

Learn more about the Boiess fragrances here!

Spatty Beauty Set
Created by Spatty

Anyone who uses makeup regularly knows the struggle of reaching the end of a bottle of foundation and not being able to get that last little bit of product out. It can feel like such a waste to throw the bottle away knowing there's still a lot of makeup left around the edges of the bottle - this constant struggle makes the Spatty a must-have product for makeup lovers everywhere. The Spatty fits into virtually any beauty product you might have: foundation, lipgloss, lotion, etc., and easily moves around the sides, corners, and bottom of the container to get every last drop of product. No more worrying about wasting your expensive foundation or favorite lip gloss! The Spatty is also great for mixing your own colors, and it will keep your fingers and nails clean. This is a beauty product essential that you need to add to your collection!

Learn more about the Spatty Beauty Set here!

Spatty Beauty Set
Nikka Notto Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner

Nikka Notto Waterproof Liquid Eyeliners
Created by Nikka Notto

Liquid eyeliner is one of my favorite beauty products, but it can be so hard to find a brand that will last through the summer heat and pool or beach days. Oftentimes, my eyeliner practically melts off before I even make it to my destination! However, the Nikka Notto Liquid Eyeliner Waterproof "Precise" Pen is a high-quality, intense liquid eyeliner that is easy to apply and perfect for makeup lovers everywhere. The smooth, flexible brush tip can perfectly draw thin or thick lines, and it is waterproof and long-lasting, staying on all day without smudging or running. Perfect for your next day by the pool lounging around in the summer heat, the Nikka Notto is a must-have to help you get that perfect winged look that will last all day!

Learn more about Nikka Notto's products here!

Snails Wash-Off Nail Polishes
Created by Safe'N'Beautiful

No spa day is complete without a manicure and pedicure, and your little ones need to make sure their personal stash of beauty products has all the best non-toxic nail polishes that the award-winning company Safe'N'Beautiful has to offer! Their line of wash-off nail polishes is made with the safest French formula that washes off with soap and water from fingernails, clothes, or furniture. Fun, safe, and easy to clean up? Count me in! Their collection of nail polishes, called Snails Safe Nails, also makes sure to pay close attention to every detail in their design, dressing their polishes in top-quality Italian glass bottles that will make your little ones feel extra classy. 

Learn more about Snails Safe Nails products here!

Snails wash off nail polish
Lay/N/Go Cosmo

Lay-N-Go Cosmo
Created by Lay-N-Go

When you're a parent packing for a trip, getting your makeup together (along with all the snacks, toiletries, and necessities for your family) can feel like such a chaotic, disorganized hassle. However, Mom's Choice Awards has found the perfect product for all your traveling and transporting needs! The LAY-N-GO Cosmo is a washable cosmetic bag that changes into an easily transportable handled clutch. It allows for quick and effortless use, clean-up, and storage of your cosmetics, and is easily spread out on a clean, dry surface once you reach your destination. There's even a zippered pocket inside to store your jewelry and accessories, making it an all-around amazing product for transporting all of your cosmetic needs in an organized and easy fashion!

Learn more about the Lay-N-Go Cosmo here!

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