Cool Summer Products to Help You Beat the Heat!

Cool Summer Products to Help You Beat the Heat!

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With summer just around the corner, it's time to start thinking of all the ways you and your family can stay cool during those brutally hot summer months! Whether you prefer water guns for a classic game time experience, or you're looking to go all out this year with a great kit to help you and your little one build the perfect fort, we've got some amazing summer products you're sure to love!

We know how hard it can be to get your kids outside to enjoy those warm summer months and get some Vitamin C, so we've chosen some fun-tastic products that are great for kids (and parents) of all ages!

Yookidoo Ready Freddy Spray ‘N’ Sprinkle
Created by Yookidoo

A summertime toy your kids are sure to love, the Yookidoo Ready Freddy Spray 'N' Sprinkle is an awesomely cool battery-operated circulation water pump fire hydrant (which also happens to be a bath toy!). It has 4 neat, interchangeable accessories that attach to Freddy's helmet: a hose, a spray head, a water gauge, and a fire wheel. Each accessory will spin, swirl, sprinkle, and spray, providing your child with countless hours of discovery, play, and fun! This amazing toy is also waterproof and IPX7 certified.

Learn more about the Yookidoo Ready Freddy Spray 'N' Sprinkle here!

BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles
Created by Bubble Universe

Bubbles are a classic summer staple, and the BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles add an innovative spin to a childhood favorite! Created by a top pediatrician, BubbleLick is the world's safest bubble solution made for kids. BubbleLick products go beyond normal bubbles with a unique combination of Food-Grade and USP ingredients with natural flavors. These bubbles enhance the love we already feel for the nostalgic summertime activity by adding yummy flavors, such as Milk Chocolate Chip, Juicy Watermelon Splash, Carnival Cotton Candy, and Glazed Cinnamon Roll.

Learn more about BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles here!

Gel Blaster Surge
Created by Gel Blaster

Nothing feels more like summer than water gun fights out on the lawn, and the Gel Blaster Surge is sure to take your fun summer water battle to a whole new level! The Gel Blaster Surge comes equipped with evolutionary water-based Gellets™ and semi- or full-auto modes. It's rechargeable, non-toxic and safe for kids, with no clean-up for you to worry about! The water-based Gellets disintegrate on contact and immediately begin to dehydrate, meaning you and your little ones can play anywhere, anytime - even indoors!

Learn more about the Gel Blaster Surge here!

Little Book Big Laughs - Cool Jokes for Summer
Written by Meg Cadts

Water toys and games aren't the only things that will help you beat the heat this summer - a little bit of laughter can be the perfect remedy for the hot weather. There are over 400 jokes in this cool summer book to keep you and your little one laughing all the way to Christmas! Not to mention, purchasing this book is also a great way to donate to a worthy cause - proceeds from the sale of this book go toward funding UnitedHealthcare Children's Foundation's (UHCCF) medical grants for children and their families who need assistance. These amazing jokes were created by children all over the U.S. looking to help families in need, so you'll laugh with each new page and feel warm knowing your purchase is helping a great cause.

Learn more about Cool Jokes for Summer here!

Skim to the Pin
Created by Waterline Toys

Pool parties are a number one summer pastime, and every pool party, lake day, or beach trip needs water toys! Skim to the Pin is an exciting water-themed spin on the "Closest to the Pin" game. This unique, fun pool game encourages endless possibilities for play and fun, utilizing the SkimBe's patented rocker bottom to skip, skim, slide, or jump across any wet surface with just a flick of the wrist. Combining the classic activities of skipping rocks with throwing a flying disk, Skim to the Pin and SkimBe is a great solo game or friendly player vs player challenge!

Learn more about Skim to the Pin here!

Make-A-Fort Build Kit
Created by Make-A-Fort

Building forts is a favorite summer activity for kids all over the world, and the Make-A-Fort Build Kit makes the fort-building process easy, fun, and exciting! With 8 sturdy cardboard panels, 10 braces, 80 connectors, and a handy carrying case, children will have the tools and freedom to let their creative juices run wild so they can build the forts, mazes, mansions, caves, and castles of their dreams. Make-A-Fort building kits are great for solo or sibling/friend play, and each adventure will test your child's critical thinking, social, and leadership skills as they build the fantastical worlds inside their imagination. 

Learn more about the Make-A-Fort Build Kit here!

Educational Sprinkler Pool
Created by SplashEZ

Summertime fun doesn't just have to be about playtime, it can also be a great educational opportunity, too!  With SplashEZ's Sprinkler Pool, your little one can have a splashin' good time all while learning through the innovative educational water pad! This fun summer product is perfect for keeping your little one cool in the heat while also encouraging them to soak up valuable information about letters, animals, countries, and more! SplashEZ has got fun down to a science, and you and your baby are sure to love the colorful wading pool and cooling sprinklers. 

Learn more about the Educational Sprinkler Pool here!

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  1. My grandkids would enjoy all of these.I think they will especially like the flavored bubbles.

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