Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winners Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt

Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt

For this interview, we were able to speak with Justin and Anne-Marie De Witt, the husband-wife developers of the very popular board game, Castle Panic. Since it’s a cooperative game where everyone defends their castle against a horde of monsters, there’s none of the typical board-game bickering—and it’s fun for the whole family. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winners Patti & Dave Davison

Patti & Dave Davison MCA Interview Series Featured image

Today we’re excited to welcome the husband-wife development team of Patti and Dave Davison, creators of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning line of puzzle games, The Jig Is Up – Jigsaw Brain Games (Logic & Cryptograms). These enjoyable jigsaw brain games have proven to not only be a lot of fun for kids and adults but also wonderful at developing critical thinking skills in children. They offer significant beneficial mental workouts for all ages, in fact—with long-lasting advantages. The medical community says such puzzles can reduce stress while improving problem-solving and visual-spatial reasoning—and for adults, even improve short-term memory. Combine those benefits with imaginative, delightful puzzles to solve, and you have The Jig Is Up brain games! Read More

Giveaway: Duck Duck Spring Gift Bundle

We’re giving away these award-winning products from the company Duck Duck Books, the “Duck Duck Backpack” & a copy of the children’s picture book “I Am Me!” to 2 lucky winners! Read More

Giveaway: National Unicorn Day Bundle

Giveaway: National Unicorn Day Bundle

🦄 National Unicorn Day is Approaching 🦄

As a thank you for your continued patronage of Mom’s Choice Awards, we want to give you a Giveaway Bundle that is sure to bring you childlike splendor and magic for National Unicorn Day! Read More