Fang-tastic and Fun Products You Need This Halloween!

Fang-tastic and Fun Products You Need This Halloween!

Draven Jackson
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From Great Pumpkins to bags of candy, my favorite time of year has to be Halloween! After surviving the summer heat, nothing is better than kicking back in your favorite fuzzy socks, sipping on some hot cocoa, and watching your favorite Halloween movies to kick off the spooky season.

If you're a lover of this fan-favorite holiday like me, then you're always on the lookout for fangtastic new products that are perfect for celebrating Halloween!

We have haunted board games that you can play with the whole family, cute costumes,  ghostly stories to read to your own little ghoulies, and so many more spooktacular, award-winning products that you're sure to need this Halloween! Don't miss out on these scary good opportunities!

Grandma's House is Haunted
Written by Stephen G. Bowling

"Grandma's House is Haunted" is a fun, spooky book that's perfect for Elementary-age readers who love Halloween! Visiting Grandma's house is all fun and games until nighttime comes, bringing with it shrieks in the darkness and howling sounds as the full moon rises. Not to mention, Grandma seems to have a suspicious secret of her own...Read this spooky, sweet Halloween story to find out more about what's really happening at Grandma's house and what kinds of secrets she's hiding in the shadows!

Your little ghosties are sure to love reading this cheerful picture book that teaches children that there’s nothing to be scared of when the lights go out.

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Allie's Howling Halloween Adventure
Written by Shawna James and Alexandria R. James

Halloween is a night full of spooky, exciting adventures - especially for Allie and her friends! During Halloween night, Allie, her sister, and her best friend decide to face their fears and explore the creepy creaking house in her neighborhood. During their adventures, they discover a surprising truth about the house and the grouchy old man who lives there.

What do they find out? Will the trio survive the night or be caught while they're trying to uncover the truth? Read it and find out more!

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Cinderella Day Dress with Scarf
Created by Little Adventures

Getting to dress up and wear a costume is without a doubt one of the best parts of Halloween! While you and your little one are trying to decide on what they're going to wear trick-or-treating this year, make sure to take a look at this adorable Cinderella Day Dress. While many people might think Cinderella's ball gown is the best costume option, this cute dress matching what Cinderella wore while she was doing her chores before getting ready for the ball is just as fun and original as the big blue gown.

Not to mention it's comfy, soft, and easy for your little princess to run around in!

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The Lonely Ghost
Written by Gitte Tamar

Ghosts and ghouls are staple characters for a Halloween story, and "The Lonely Ghost" is the perfect bedtime story to celebrate the spooky season. Heartfelt and inspiring, this children's book tells the story of a lonely little ghost who feels different from other kids. However, everything changes on Halloween night when a group of children come to visit the graveyard that the lonely ghost calls home. Will he be able to play with the other kids?

"The Lonely Ghost" is an adorable Halloween book that teaches young ghosts and ghouls that being different isn't a bad thing and that true friends are going to love you for who you really are.

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Hattie Mae's Halloween
Written by Claudine C. Wargel

A spooktastic chapter book for elementary-aged readers, "Hattie Mae's Halloween" follows the story of siblings Hattie Mae and Dirk Bramble and their daily adventures on their Heartland farm. In this book, Hattie Mae's school is planning its annual Halloween costume contest, lighting Hattie Mae's competitive fire and pushing her to find an "original" costume that's sure to win. While some people want to break her creative spirit, Hattie Mae pushes forward, facing tough decisions and staying true to herself and her roots.

This award-winning book is an inspirational story about imagination, dedication, and working hard to achieve your goals!

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Ghosts in the Attic
Created by MindWare

An exciting cooperative family game that's perfect for the spooky season, "Ghosts in the Attic" is a unique board game experience where you have to escape the haunted manor while also playing in the dark! With a glow-in-the-dark game board and a light-up ghostly mover, players work together to find their way out of the manor and lock the ghost away. A great game for ages 5 and up, players can learn about forming strategies while playing, as well as about shared decision-making and cooperation.

"Ghosts in the Attic" can also help kids develop social and emotional skills through cooperative play. Don't miss out on this fangtastic game this Halloween!

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  1. I also love Halloween. Such a fun time of the year! My family loves board games, so Ghosts in the Attic sounds like something we would have a great time playing. I love that it has a glow-in-the-dark game board so that you can play in the dark! It doesn’t get any more fun than that!

  2. Halloween is always such afiun time in our house , it’s my daughters favorite holiday and we love it. These are all so cute and the books are an added bonus

  3. My kids love having me read to them so these books are great for this time of year. I also think that they would love a game that has a glow in the dark board.

  4. All of these books look like they will be fun to read and my granddaughters would love the dress!

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