Scary Good Products for a Spooktacular Halloween

Scary Good Products for a Spooktacular Halloween

Draven Jackson
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Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year - I love the scary decorations, exciting costumes, and the promise of free candy! And what better way to celebrate this spooktacular holiday than with some scary good products?

If you're a fan of Halloween the same way I am, then you'll really love all of these amazing books and games to help make Halloween even more fun than it already is!

Whether you're looking for a fun family board game or haunted tales to read with your own little ghosties, here are some of our favorite Halloween appropriate award-winners that we know you're going to love!

Award-Winning Children's book — Zombies want pizza

Zombies Want Pizza
Created by Rookie Mage Games

“Zombies Want Pizza" is a fun, exciting game where the objective is to create the grossest pizza the world has ever seen - or else be eaten by the zombies! Zombies have begun to rise up from the grave, but instead of craving brains in this game, they want to eat pizza! But not just any pizza - these zombies want a gourmet pizza made from the most disgusting ingredients you can find. Be the chef in your party who can make the grossest pizza you can imagine. If you lose, you'll be eaten by the zombies!

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Bobos Babes Adventures: A Magical Halloween
Written by Karen M. Bobos

“A Magical Halloween" is a spooktacular installment in the Bobos Babes Adventures that centers around costumes, magic, and Halloween! In this story, Angel Scarlett, Fairy Cora, and Princess Daphne visit Lily the Ladybug's Boutique to look for the perfect Halloween costume. When they discover magic masks that can transform them into the costumes of their dreams, the sisters are sure to have the most exciting Halloween ever!

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Award-Winning Children's book — Bobos Babes Adventures
Award-Winning Children's book — Halloween Holly

Halloween Holly
Written by Cara Via

"Halloween Holly" isn't only a fun, exciting book to read with your kids - it's also a great way to encourage your family to have a healthier Halloween! For those parents who are tired of the extra candy that pops up for months after Halloween and the sugar meltdowns that come from eating one too many sweets, then this is the product for you! This book is a unique story about a little elf who collects children's extra candy & brings it back to help energize Santa's elves as they make the toys for Christmas. Every book comes with a Special Bowl where your little ghouls can leave their extra candy for Holly to collect each and every year.

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The Longest Halloween, Book Two: The Hunt for the Forever Kingdom Amulet
Written by Frank Wood

“The Hunt for the Forever Kingdom Amulet" is the second installment in Frank Wood's "The Longest Halloween" series. Perfect for preteen and teenage readers, this story revolves around a boy and his friends as they race against pirates, witches, werewolves and treasure hunters in a fantastical scavenger hunt for a fabled treasure of enormous wealth that is said to appear on Halloween night. Follow their adventure and find out who is destined to win this grand prize.

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Award-Winning Children's book — The Hunt for the Forever Kingdom Amulet
Award-Winning Children's book — Building a Monster

Building a Monster

An award-winning product for those ghosts and ghouls looking for the perfect Halloween party activity, build a monster is a fun opportunity to use your imagination to build the craziest creation you can think up! Party guests must use only their sense of touch to feel for the monster's body parts while they listen to a spooktacular story about a mad scientist building a monster!

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The Haunting of Elmwood Manor
Created by Pamela McCord

“The Haunting of Elmwood Manor" is an exciting story that centers around a fifteen-year-old girl named Pekin Dewlap and her best friends as they start their own ghost removal business during the summer break from high school. Their first case? To clear a ghost from an old mansion. The only clue they have is that a young girl went missing from the house a century ago and was never seen again. Will Pekin and her friends uncover the mystery of Elmwood Manor? Read this exciting, spooky book and find out! (And don't worry, if you love it and are sad to finish, there are more books in the series to carry on the incredible adventure!)

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Award-Winning Children's book — The Haunting of Elmwood Manor
Award-Winning Children's book — I like to eat children

I Like to Eat Children
Written by Reagan Rothe

Reagan Rothe's children's story "I Like to Eat Children" is the perfect book for those little ghosties who enjoy a little horror for their Halloween festivities, but are still too young to watch the scary movies their friends or older siblings are watching. The lucky ghoulies are the ones who never meet the monster that likes to eat children. This spooky story can introduce them to the terrifying, scary creature lurking in their nightmares - you just have to hope you never see him!

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Defying the Ghosts
Written by Joan Marie Verba

“Defying the Ghosts" is the perfect book for young adult readers looking for a spooky haunted house story to read this Halloween. Charlene Griffin is kicked out of her home on her eighteenth birthday with nowhere to go and no plans for where she will live. When the owner of a haunted Victorian mansion offers the estate to anyone who can survive a night inside the creepy house, Charlene decides to risk her life in order to find a new home. Will Charlene outsmart the terrors inside the mansion and make it until dawn? Read this thrilling tale and find out!

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Award-Winning Children's book — Defying the Ghosts
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