Fun-tastic Products For a Play Day With Dad

Fun-tastic Products For a Play Day With Dad

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For any readers who, like myself, may not be as up-to-date on all the small National holidays in America that aren't as widely celebrated, November 25th is National Play Day with Dad! And what better way is there to celebrate this fun family-centric holiday then with some of the amazing, fun-tastic Mom's Choice Awards winners?

For those dads looking for exciting new ways to entertain and bond with your little ones during this special holiday, we found some exciting products that won't only be fun for your kids, but that you'll love as well!

We hope all the dads and their little lovelies out there will adore our fun games, kits, and toys as much as we do! May they bring more fun and joy into your play day with dad, making it an unforgettable holiday!

Award-Winning Children's book — Rolling Jokers

Rolling Jokers
Created by Nerkin Games

“Rolling Jokers" is a new and exciting racing game that both kids and dads will love! Players will use their marbles to race around the board with the help of specially designed cards, and the first player to the finish line wins. This wonderful game can be played in teams or solo, and will add a little extra fun to your play day with dad!

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Force1 Scoot Pro Drone
Created by Force1RC

Another fun-tastic product to really take your play day with dad to the next level, the "Force1 Scoot Pro Drone" has 360° motion sensors for detecting objects to provide ultimate flight control! The patented sensor technology is great for avoiding collisions with unsuspecting family members and pets or getting stuck on the ceiling, and you can fly this mini UFO drone with only your hands. The shell of the drone is durable and kid-safe, so it's the perfect addition to your play day plans!

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Award-Winning Children's book — Force1 Scoot Pro Drone
Award-Winning Children's book — Family time fun kit

Family Time Fun activity kit
Created by Little Bridges

The "Family Time Fun" activity kit isn't only great for family game nights - it's perfect for a play day with dad, too! This activity kit has an amazing collection of 45 fun, exciting games and activities that will encourage teamwork, bonding, and conversations. With so many options available, you can pick and choose different activities that you can do again and again - with the "Family Time Fun" activity kit, there's no way you'll ever be bored!

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Potato Pirate: Battlechips
Created by Potato Pirates

“Potato Pirates: Battlechips" is an amazing game that's all about strategy, action, and spud-tastic adventures! This coding card game is both fun and educational, and is a great way to begin teaching your little ones about Computer Science and Cybersecurity with easy 30-minute gameplay.

For those dads who are like mine and love board games, coding, and pirates, then this game is perfect for you and your little one!

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Award-Winning Children's book — Potato Pirate
Award-Winning Children's book — Trekking the world

Trekking the World Trivia
Created by Luisa Livorno Ramondo

For history-buff dads and kids excited to learn, "Trekking the World: Trivia" is a fun, educational game that everyone will enjoy!

Even if you're not all-knowing about history, that's okay! Anyone can win this game with a little smart guesstimation.There are 800+ questions written by a world-renowned trivia expert, so you're sure to learn a lot and have fun while playing!

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Jazzminton Sport
Created by Funsparks

A great play day with dad activity for kids and fathers who want to enjoy some outdoor time, the Jazzminton Sport is an all-new, first-ever competitive paddle ball game!

Because of the new design, the birdies will slow down as they spin, making every hit within reach and encouraging hours of fun gameplay! The birdies also adjust to the player's abilities, so this is a great game to play again and again to help improve your paddle ball skills.

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Award-Winning Children's book —Jazzminton sport
Award-Winning Children's book — GIGIL STEM Kits


For dads who want to encourage more STEM learning and fun during their play day, the GIGIL STEM Kits bring STEM education right to your doorstep with up to 5 hands-on activities delivered to you each month!

Fun play days don't have to end after November 25th with these fun kits. Each kit includes all the supplies, guides, and instructions you will need, and even offer an amazing video lesson! Just open up this subscription box and have fun learning!

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My First Castle Panic

Created by Fireside Games

"My First Castle Panic" is an amazing game for all the fantasy-loving dads who want to introduce the world of magic and fun to their little ones! This is a great game for a group play day with dad, so invite all your fellow dads over and have your little ones work together to defend their castles from the monsters coming out of the forest.

This game is not only fun, but educational as well as your little one learns colors, shapes, and problem-solving through the fun fantasy gameplay!

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Award-Winning Children's book — My First Castle Panic
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