Morning Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation: 6 Tips to Establish a Routine That Works

Morning Yoga, Breathwork and Meditation: 6 Tips to Establish a Routine That Works

Giselle Shardlow

Giselle Shardlow
Content Director at Mom’s Choice Awards

Just think about your typical morning, and I know that you know what I mean…

The spilled cereal… the last-minute homework… and the endless “Mom, where’s my [insert lost item here]?” Sound familiar?

Yes, in the whirlwind of motherhood, finding a moment of peace feels like searching for a quiet corner in a rock concert.

The problem is, these constant demands lead to stress, exhaustion, and the feeling of being overwhelmed even before the day begins.

But just imagine if you could start your day on a different note…

Imagine replacing the morning mayhem with a slice of self-care that leaves you more energized, focused, and yes, even more patient.

It’s not just a daydream… It’s entirely possible with a morning routine centered around meditation, deep breathing, and yoga. One that works FOR you!

If the whirlwind of responsibilities is leaving you drained, consider this your invitation to transform your mornings and, by extension, your life, with a ritual that centers and grounds you.

6 Tips for Establishing a Consistent Morning Yoga, Breathwork, and Meditation Routine:

  1. Set a Specific Time and Stick to It

    By sticking to a specific time every day, we train our body’s internal clock to prepare to wake up for our morning meditation and yoga routine. Our body and subconscious mind LOVE routine! Our body and mind begin to expect waking up earlier each day. It makes it easier to get out of bed! We recommend prioritizing this FIRST!

    So if your typical routine is to wake up, make coffee, wash your face, brush teeth, and so on, instead try meditating and yoga as soon as you wake up and then proceed with the rest of your daily routine.

  2. Prepare Necessary Equipment and Props the Night Before

    The great thing about meditation, breathing exercises, and yoga is you barely need props (if any)! That being said, if you need a block or your yoga mat, have it ready and in place the night before. Set your clothes out the night before. To make it extra easier, we even recommend sleeping in your yoga clothes to eliminate the obstacles of forcing yourself out of a warm bed to get dressed in a cold room. Do what works for you!

  3. Create A Peaceful and Distraction-Free Environment

    Even better than simply preparing your equipment the night before is creating a peaceful and sacred space specifically for your meditation and yoga practice! Decorate it so it’s calming and inviting. Make it a space that provides you with a sense of calm and peace.

  4. Keep Your Yoga and Meditation Practice Short and Simple to Start

    The key is to start small, even if that simply means a one-minute meditation paired with a five-minute yoga flow. You can gradually increase the length and difficulty of your practice over time. At KYS, we’re big believers in the practice of Kaizen, small, continuous improvement over time! Short and simple is manageable. It makes it easy to start. And it increases your confidence in your capability to stick with your practice. Soon, you’ll have yourself saying: “I bet I can practice meditation and yoga for even longer!”

  5. Allow Yourself to Be Flexible and Adjust Your Routine as Needed

    Remember, EVERY morning won’t go as planned. Give yourself some grace and allow yourself to adjust to whatever comes up that day. If for some reason you can’t get your meditation and yoga routine in until later that day or if you have to shorten your morning routine, so be it! Stuff happens. It’s better to get it in whenever you can, for as little as you can, rather than spending your mental energy stressing all day over not being able to do your morning meditation and yoga routine.

  6. Celebrate Your Progress and Reward Yourself for Sticking to Your Routine

    Celebrate your success! Human beings are wired to seek acknowledgment. So don’t forget to recognize your efforts! Think about how we recognize our children. Recognition feels great and reinforces positive behavior. Yes, you might be a full-grown adult, but your inner child is still there. Praise yourself, and your praise will reinforce your morning meditation and yoga routine! Recognition could be as simple as telling yourself how proud you are. Or try rewarding yourself with a fancy coffee at Starbucks or a self-care day.

Bring Your Kids into the Fold!

If you’re looking for ways to get your kiddos involved in simple and creative breathing techniques, check out these popular Breathing Exercise Cards for Kids by Kids Yoga Stories!

We’re all about sharing the love (and the calm), so why not bring your children into the fold?

With the Kids Yoga Stories Breathing Exercise Cards, you can turn your morning routine into a family affair.

These breathing cards for kids are a morning-changer, a whole-day-changer! They’ll help your little ones find their inner Zen right alongside you.

So, there you have it—a morning routine that doesn’t just start your day right but sets the right tone for your mini-mes, too.

Trust me, a few weeks down this road, you’ll wonder how you ever did mornings any other way…

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Giselle Shardlow, M.Ed., is the author of Kids Yoga Stories. Her yoga resources for kids get children learning, moving, and having fun. Giselle draws from her experiences as a teacher, traveler, yogi, and mom to write the yoga stories found at or on Amazon worldwide. The purpose of her yoga resources is to foster happy, healthy, and globally educated children. She lives in Boston with her husband and daughter.

Cassandra Troughton, Community Manager of Kids Yoga Stories, is an educator, writer, and speaker from Alberta, Canada. She worked with Edmonton Public Schools for seven years, including six years in special needs adaptability classrooms as an educational assistant. She was the Health and Wellness Lead at her school. Health and wellness, especially positive mental health practices like mindfulness, is her passion.

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