Giveaway: Election Night Game!

giveaway election night game

Election Campaigns are in full swing, so we’re giving away this award-winning game, Election Night to 3 lucky winners!

About the game:

Discover the incredibly fun way to learn essential math, U.S. geography, and the civics of the Electoral College. Two players or teams battle for critical electoral votes while choosing sums and products from dice pools of our uniquely numbered PlaySmart Dice™ system. Strategically target key states with freezes and re-rolls to counter your opponent’s progress, and be quick to adapt strategy as conditions change. Lock down quick victories or work for longer-term objectives on your way to earning the 270 electoral votes you need to become President!

Multiple game play variations add to this game’s accessibility to wide variety of ages and unusually high replay value. Easy to understand rules get players engaged very quickly and before they know it they are making calculations and choices that make them fluent in the most difficult to learn addition and multiplication facts, U.S. state geography, and the mechanics of the Electoral College. A one of a kind classic for every American home!

Game includes a cleverly conceived, double-sided game board with addition and multiplication versions, a masterfully designed system of six 12-sided dice, dry erase markers and two decks of strategy cards for use in more advanced game versions.

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Giveaway: Election Night Game!

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Entry for this giveaway will close on September 18th, 2020 at noon EST.

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