Educational Products You’re Sure to Love: Math Edition!

Educational Products You're Sure to Love: Math Edition!

Draven Jackson
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Summer break doesn't have to mean a break from learning - in fact, summertime is a great opportunity to encourage your children to continue their education at home! There are so many great apps, books, websites, and games out there made for at-home learning, and Mom's Choice Awards has amazing options for parents who don't want their kids to forget everything they learned during the two months they're out of school.

These award-winning products are also great for supplying additional learning materials to your children during the school year! For me, I always struggled the most with math classes (I have always leaned more into English and reading). Having additional materials and resources I could use at home to learn the topics that were most difficult for me really helped me understand them better. Here are some of our favorite math-centric, educational products to help keep your little one learning, even when they're at home.

Triangle Math Flash Cards

Triangle Math Flashcards
Created by Think Tank Scholar

One of the best ways to increase your child's math skills is to practice, practice, practice. Think Tank Scholar's Triangle Math Flashcards make learning and practicing math easier than ever! With 188 addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division triangular flash cards ranging in levels perfect for kindergarten to sixth grade, these flashcards are great for students of all ages. Each card has 4 equations to help students learn the relationship between addition and subtraction or multiplication and division. There is also a specially designed tab system to let you sort mastered versus unmastered cards, so your little one can easily pickup where they left off. 

Learn more about Think Tank Scholar products here!

TeachMe TV
Created by TeachMe TV

For parents looking for online options to help encourage their children to learn at home, TeachMe TV is a great product for you! TeachMe TV is an online educational platform designed to help families supplement their child's education by creating activities that assist elementary-age children, grades K-5, in core subjects like math and reading. TeachMe TV provides children with useful tools and strategies to help them learn, along with introducing them to important ways to de-stress through music, art, and exercise. Through this interactive, age-appropriate, and safe online learning application, kids can explore, learn and play in order to grow into wonderful, smart, and well-rounded humans that are excited about learning.

Learn more about TeachMe TV here!

Pebbles and the Biggest Number

Pebbles and the Biggest Number
Written by Joey Benum

If your child is like me and tends to be better at reading and English than they are at science and math, then educational, math-related books could be a useful bridge to help encourage them to learn about the subjects that are more challenging for them! "Pebbles and the Biggest Number" is a great book to teach your young readers about the beauty and vastness of numbers. The story follows Pebbles, a butterfly who wants to learn about how big numbers can get. A fact-filled science book for kids that will teach them all about how numbers can grow to unimaginable sizes, "Pebbles and the Biggest Number" helps to make the difficult concept of large numbers easier for little minds to grasp through vibrant illustrations, cute characters, and exciting storytelling!

Learn more about Pebbles and the Biggest Number here!

Created by Mathpid

Looking for educational, math-centric apps that not only test your child's math skills but also adjust questions in real-time to fit their needs? Then look no further, because we have the app for you! Mathpid is an innovative AI-powered math learning app that provides personalized learning courses for Pre-K to Grade 9 students. Mathpid's AI engine uses an IRT learning model which helps identify a student's math level within 10 problems, analyzing the student's answers in real-time and adjusting the next problems based on their performance. Easy to use and adapting to your student's learning needs, Mathpid is a great choice for parents who want to provide their children with extra resources that allow them to learn at their own pace. 

Learn more about Mathpid here!

VTech® Marble Rush™ Corkscrew Rush Set™

VTech® Marble Rush™ Corkscrew Rush Set™
Created by VTech Kids

For those kids that love to learn with their hands, math doesn't have to be simply equations on a screen. With this 112-piece color-coded building set, children can explore STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) skills and build exciting challenges, thrilling courses, and so much more! After finishing the construction of their innovative tracks, builders can dump the 10 marbles out of the barrel and watch them race down ramps to the corkscrew tumbler, vortex, and elevator. They can even compete with family and friends to keep the marbles in motion and bring them back to the beginning!

Learn more about the Marble Rush Corkscrew Rush Set here!

Math Sprint - The Mental Math Game
Created by Byron's Games

Want fun math games that the whole family can enjoy together? Math Sprint is an exciting board game where kids lead the way to school success by leaping the hurdle of arithmetic early on! The rules are easy to understand and follow: players compete to see who can finish first by advancing around the board each time they solve a subtraction, addition, multiplication, division, or word problem. Games can be personalized to the players’ skills with 3 race lengths and beginner to advanced level cards, making it the perfect game for mathematicians of all ages!

Learn more about Math Sprint here!

Math Sprint
Adventure Academy

Adventure Academy
Created by Age of Learning

Ready to take learning to a whole new level? Adventure Academy, created by Age of Learning, is the the world’s first premier (or “AAA”) educational massively multiplayer online game (MMO). Adventure Academy is an online game that helps elementary and middle school-age learners build critical knowledge of important subjects and topics that are essential for success in school. It also encourages children to increase their self-confidence in and excitement about learning through fun, interactive games. Adventure Academy focuses on subjects like language arts, math, science, and social studies, and offers thousands of engaging and effective learning activities in an immersive virtual world that is perfect for children ages 8 to 13!

Learn more about Adventure Academy here!

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