Helpful Products for Responsible Pet Owners

Helpful Products for Responsible Pet Owners Month

Draven Jackson
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You and your family want to get a pet, but you also want to be responsible pet owners and make sure you have all the best products for your new furry friend - but where should you start stocking up on necessities? Look no further! Our selection of award-winning products are great options to help prepare you and your family for your future fur baby!

From grooming gloves to pet gates, and learning carriers to educational reading options for your little one, we have many of the necessities you might need to ensure you and your family can create the best environment for your new pet.

Wide Baby Gate With Cat Door Walk Through

Wide Baby Gate with Cat Door Walk Through
Created by TSUYAWA

For responsible pet owners, it's important to consider the areas of your home where your pet can move around freely, as well as the ones you might need to keep pet-free. As much as we all love our dogs and large animals, not every room in your home is intended to include a big furry friend. The TSUYAWA pet gate is perfect for keeping both toddlers and dogs away from unwanted spaces and can be easily used in doorways, hallways, and stairs. There is also a small cat walk-through door to allow your smaller pets to move past the gate so they can still get to their food or litter areas!

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55" Extra Tall Cat Gate with Narrow Bar Spacing
Created by FairyBaby

If you and your partner are trying to be responsible pet owners AND responsible new parents, then you may want to invest in this extra tall gate that can help keep even the most adventurous furry friends away from your baby. While your pets mean well and are just curious about the new little human in their home, it's important to have a space where your baby is free to rest and nap away from any wandering paws. This 55" tall gate is equipped with a 20" walk-through door, auto-close and auto-lock mechanisms, and a dual-swinging design to ensure convenience and peace of mind for parents. Easy to install and use, you'll be thankful you invested in this helpful product the next time your pet starts sniffing around your baby's room during naptime!

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FairyBaby 55
HandsOn Gloves

HandsOn Gloves
Created by HandsOn

All responsible pet owners know that grooming time isn't just a necessity for keeping your pet happy and looking their best - it's also a great opportunity to bond with your furry friend! The HandsOn Grooming gloves are a revolutionary multi-purpose tool to help with your pet's shedding, bathing, and grooming needs! Not all pets enjoy grooming time, and we completely understand. With the HandsOn Gloves, your pets will feel like they're getting the most comfortable massage from their favorite person, making it easier to groom and shed even the fussiest animals. Try out these award-winning gloves today and let us know what you think!

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Pet Rescue Club: A New Home for Truman
Written by Catherine Hapka

Being responsible pet owners also means being prepared pet owners, so it's important that everyone in your family knows what a big responsibility it is to take care of a furry friend. The ASPCA's Pet Rescue Club series is not only a great way to encourage your kids to read, but they are also a wonderful opportunity to teach your little ones about the importance of taking care of animals. These are an especially great option if you're adopting your new furry friend from the ASPCA! The book pictured here is "A New Home for Truman." It follows the story of Janey, a girl who loves animals but isn't able to adopt a pet of her own due to her father's allergies. However, after seeing a heartbreaking photo of a homeless dog in need, she and her friends decide to start a Pet Rescue Club in order to save the puppy and other animals just like him.

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A New Home for Truman
Care for Me Learning Carrier

Care for Me Learning Carrier
Created by VTech Kids

If you need more amazing products to help your kids learn about what it means to be a responsible pet owner before bringing your new pet into your home, then the VTech "Care for Me Learning Carrier" is a great way to help your little one practice how to take care of a new small friend! Your child can take their plush pets anywhere using this cute carrier, which also has an activity panel on the side that's packed with learning fun. Kids can press the light-up buttons to learn about colors, shapes, pet care, and more! The "Care for Me Learning Carrier" also includes four pet care accessories so your toddler can groom, feed, and play with their new cuddly puppy.

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11 Comments on “Helpful Products for Responsible Pet Owners”

  1. After the loss of my husband, I find that I really need a dog for companionship. The Pet Rescue Club: A new Home For Truman really touched me as I am also thinking of adopting a rescue!

  2. A lot of good ideas here, Yes, definitely prepare before getting a pet. My granddaughters just got their first dog, but before that they babysat a number of dogs (including mine) and had a robot dog.

  3. Really wish every pet owner would read this and take caution when getting pets. It’s heartbreaking to see so many animals abused , neglected or mistreated.we have a 12 year old cat that we’ve had since he was 5 weeks and wouldn’t trade him for the world

  4. I love all of these!! I really need to get the Wide Baby Gate for Bella. She likes to get into everything. She’s a 3 year old Boxer dog.

  5. My grandchildren just got a new pet.In reading the summary on the book Pet Rescue Club :A New Home For Truman,this sounds like a good start in learning what is needed to care for their new pet.

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