Mom Creates Cartoons That Nail the Hilarity of Pregnancy and Motherhood

Line Severinsen

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If it’s one thing I love it’s laughing at something that is maybe not all that pleasant but way too real. Call it nervous laughter, but when people are able to make light of situations that are messy or less-than-enjoyable, it often lifts the tension and gives one a little bit of perspective. That’s exactly what illustrator and mother of two Line Severinsen does in her series of cartoons that she shares on her Instagram page.

Her topics range from common pregnancy issues to new parenthood cliches, and they are laugh out loud hilarious (mostly because the are SO TRUE).

I’m not pointing fingers, but I know a woman whose husband brought home a toy helicopter that was given to him from a client at work  ‘for the kids’…. 

A follow up from last weeks post. Trying hard to tame the baby hairs💆🏼 #postpartumhair #newmom

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I also know a woman whose baby hairs still form a lion’s mane around her face two years postpartum. Ahem. 

If you’re anything like me, you can’t scroll through Severinsen’s Instagram without feeling a little less alone. There are countless other moms out there with leaky nursing boobs, babies who freak you out by rolling under furniture, and who struggle to shave their legs over their pregnant belly. That sort of humorous validation is the breath of fresh air we all need.

Whether or not you’re still in the throes of night nursing, missing your weekend martinis, and being spit up on, these hysterical comics are sure to make you smile in remembrance. This stage of life is challenging, exhausting, and oh so rewarding. Thanks for making us laugh through it, Line!



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    1. It’s nice to have exposure to people who do a great job of laughing their way through the challenging parts, isn’t it, Kathy?

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