Using Allowance to Teach Life Skills

Using Allowance to Teach Life Skills Featured Image

The reality is that allowances aren’t about money. Allowances are about parenting. This is the lesson I learned while teaching my kids about money. As a mom, I set out to teach my kids about money. What they learned reached far beyond dollars and cents. My children learned essential life skills like confidence, decision-making and responsibility. This mom learned that it wasn’t about the money at all. Read More

Halloween Can Be Just as Sweet This Year

Halloween Can Be Just as Sweet This Year Featured Image

This is the year to try out some new Halloween activities and experiences with your kids…you might just find some favorites that will become ongoing traditions for your family. One way or another, this will likely be one of their most memorable Halloweens ever! Read More

Do Fathers Undervalue Their Importance as a Parent?

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Fathers agreeably have a significant impact on a child’s upbringing. This has also been substantiated by multiple pieces of research and studies that highlight how involved fathers not only benefit their child but themselves as well. However, fathers are unable to express confidence in their parenting, because society and the law undervalue their importance Read More

What Is Gaslighting and How Does It Manifest In Parenting?

What Is Gaslighting And How Does It Manifest In Parenting? Featured Image

Gaslighting is very much a real thing and it happens under our noses more often than we’d think. Whether it’s at work, with friends, or even at their own homes, victims of gaslighting can be hard to spot because they themselves don’t even know that it’s happening to them. Read More

Learning Activities That Don’t Feel Like Work

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How can we ensure that our kids are staying engaged and learning without asking too much of them (and ourselves)? Here are some easy ideas that will enhance and supplement what your kids are learning through school during their free time at home, without feeling like just more of the same. Read More

4 Financial Challenges As A Single Parent

4 Financial Challenges As A Single Parent

When your parents said “it takes a village to raise a child”, they weren’t kidding. So, how are single parents supposed to take on the challenge? Here are 4 financial challenges single parents face and tips on how to fix them! Read More

Keep Your Kids Busy at Home With These Tips

Keep Your Kids Busy at Home With These Tips

Even if you’re not working from home these days, you need to come up with ideas to capture your kids’ interest, so you can get things done around the house. These high-impact activities will keep the kids learning, growing, and – most importantly – occupied while they spend the next few weeks at home. Read More