Breathtaking MRI of Mother and Baby Depicts a Bond Deeper Than Flesh

“What’s captivating about that image is the relationship that it depicts,” Saxe told TODAY. She goes on to explain that, after her first child was born, she spent hours laying with him inside of the machine, hoping to track the development of his rapidly growing and changing brain. “It felt like my experience of being his mother and my experience of being a neuroscientist got suddenly and deeply intertwined,” she explained. Read More

Reasons to Play Video Games with Your Kids

Parents try all types of strategies to help their kids stay organized. But what would happen if your child had a chance to experience some fun, guided practice of organizational skills that she could apply to her own needs? I’d suggest that you consider playing video games with your child. Read More

Proudest Moments from Actual Parents

Proudest moment

Kids do the darnedest things, right? They do things that drive us crazy, but all of them, some more often than others do something so wonderful at their own discretion that we as parents can sit back and say “I raised them right”. Read More