7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Busy Parents

As the flowers bloom and the birds chirp, it’s that time of the year again – spring cleaning season! While the idea of decluttering and refreshing your home sounds appealing, the reality of balancing it with parenting duties can be overwhelming. But fear not, busy parents! With a few smart strategies and a sprinkle of organization, you can conquer your spring cleaning goals without sacrificing precious family time. Here are seven tips to help you breeze through the process! Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Eleanor D. Alspaugh

Thanks for joining us for another fascinating interview with one of our Mom’s Choice Award winners. Today we hear from Eleanor D. Alspaugh, who is known for telling it like it is, with insight and humor, when it comes to the challenges of motherhood. Her writing in The Mommy Go-Round is described as “real” and “honest.” The sleepless nights. Fussy eaters. Every challenge on that merry-go-round that motherhood entails—issues for toddlers through teenagers. We’ll also learn what prompted this book and the features that make its heartwarming, down-to-earth advice invaluable for parents. Read More

The Kid Inside Us…

As parents, our backgrounds vary, and our parenting styles differ. Yet, a common thread we can all embrace is the inner child within us. Our children often bring back memories of our own youthful spirit, a time when we were their age. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Barbara Vorel

Barbara Vorel Interview series featured image

Today we welcome the Mom’s Choice Award-winning writer, Barbara Vorel, who authored Mom’s Place 4 Grace: Five Keys to Thriving as a Parent With Your Special Needs Child. Barbara possesses firsthand knowledge of the isolation and demands involved in such parenting. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Carolyn Watkins

Carolyn Watkins MCA Interview Series Featured image

We were able to speak with Carolyn Watkins, author of the children’s picture book, I Don’t Want to Move!! When Charlotte’s parents announce that the family is moving to a new home, Charlotte is scared. She does not want to leave her friends – go to a “silly new school.” Charlotte soon discovers what it’s really like to be “the new kid” in school and how to go from being the new kid to helping others adjust to their new school. Keep reading to find out more about Carolyn and her award-winning book, I Don’t Want to Move!! Read More