Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Barbara Vorel

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Today we welcome the Mom’s Choice Award-winning writer, Barbara Vorel, who authored Mom’s Place 4 Grace: Five Keys to Thriving as a Parent With Your Special Needs Child. Barbara possesses firsthand knowledge of the isolation and demands involved in such parenting. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Carolyn Watkins

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We were able to speak with Carolyn Watkins, author of the children’s picture book, I Don’t Want to Move!! When Charlotte’s parents announce that the family is moving to a new home, Charlotte is scared. She does not want to leave her friends – go to a “silly new school.” Charlotte soon discovers what it’s really like to be “the new kid” in school and how to go from being the new kid to helping others adjust to their new school. Keep reading to find out more about Carolyn and her award-winning book, I Don’t Want to Move!! Read More

18 Moms Describe What It Means to Be a Mother

What it Means to Be a Mom - Mother's Day

Since we’re just a few days away from Mother’s Day, we put this question to 18 moms: “What does it mean to be a mother?” The responses we heard were lovely, inspirational, and downright funny! Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner JoAnn Dickinson

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For this interview, we had the pleasure of speaking with JoAnn M. Dickinson, author of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning book, Who’s New At Lou’s Zoo! This story teaches kids about being kind and compassionate towards others, self-esteem, and that it’s Ok to be different and accept one another as they are. Read More

Giveaway: Door Buddy

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We are giving away the award-winning product, “Door Buddy,” to 3 lucky winners, winners announced on December 16, 2022. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Marianne Reed

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Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products. Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! Welcome to another interview where we sit down with one of our amazing honorees to speak with them about their award-winning products and services! For this interview, we had the absolute pleasure of speaking with Marianne … Read More

School Organizational Skills for Kids: A Parent’s Guide

Dr. Gage Featured

As the new school year begins, minimize stress by organizing your child’s routine. Organization, or lack thereof, is based on executive functions which are natural neurological processes, a group of critical mental skills. Individuals with adequate executive function skills can plan, organize, strategize, and manage time. They know which assignments are on the agenda after school and can prioritize. Read More

How to Make Travel Educational for Children

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Making travel an educational advantage for kids can be challenging, as it is hard to draw the line between having enjoyment and letting kids learn more about the world they live in. If you are struggling with how to make travel educational for children, don’t worry. This article will provide tips on making travel educational for your kids. Read More