You Can’t Pour From An Empty Cup

You Can't Pour From An Empty Cup

Like millions of parents, amid virtual learning, working from home, and managing a household with two out of three kids still in diapers, I reached for my coffee mug. It was empty. I chuckled to myself because it felt like the epitome of the straw that broke the camel’s back. It was at that moment that I learned three essential truths that changed my life and my perspective. Read More

The Secrets to Being a Happier and Healthier Mom

The Secrets to Being a Happier and Healthier Mom Featured Image

There’s nothing better than seeing a mom who passionately balances both family and a fulfilling career. As a mom, a majority of your time is dedicated to your kids.

Additionally, life as a busy mom never slows down. You could get so caught up with mom duties that you neglect self-care.

We’ve all been there and here’s a secret: moms who pamper themselves lead a happier and healthier lifestyle. Read More

7 Child Safety Tips for Parents

7 Child Safety Tips for Parents Featured Image

Once a child begins to walk on their own, there are risks he/she is likely to encounter. This article provides tips on matters of child safety and baby-proofing to help parents protect their children from falls and injuries when they’re exploring their world. Find the key strategies that every parent needs to know; and the little things that you need to do to keep your child safe from events that may lead to disability or even death. Read More

Using Allowance to Teach Life Skills

Using Allowance to Teach Life Skills Featured Image

The reality is that allowances aren’t about money. Allowances are about parenting. This is the lesson I learned while teaching my kids about money. As a mom, I set out to teach my kids about money. What they learned reached far beyond dollars and cents. My children learned essential life skills like confidence, decision-making and responsibility. This mom learned that it wasn’t about the money at all. Read More

Halloween Can Be Just as Sweet This Year

Halloween Can Be Just as Sweet This Year Featured Image

This is the year to try out some new Halloween activities and experiences with your kids…you might just find some favorites that will become ongoing traditions for your family. One way or another, this will likely be one of their most memorable Halloweens ever! Read More

Do Fathers Undervalue Their Importance as a Parent?

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Fathers agreeably have a significant impact on a child’s upbringing. This has also been substantiated by multiple pieces of research and studies that highlight how involved fathers not only benefit their child but themselves as well. However, fathers are unable to express confidence in their parenting, because society and the law undervalue their importance Read More

What Is Gaslighting and How Does It Manifest In Parenting?

What Is Gaslighting And How Does It Manifest In Parenting? Featured Image

Gaslighting is very much a real thing and it happens under our noses more often than we’d think. Whether it’s at work, with friends, or even at their own homes, victims of gaslighting can be hard to spot because they themselves don’t even know that it’s happening to them. Read More