Confident Parenting: How To Talk To Your Daughter About Personal Hygiene

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While her best friend may have the lowdown on some of your daughter’s interests and hobbies, it’s important that you’re the go-to person when it comes to certain matters such as health, hygiene, and self-care. Talking to your child about these things can help them stay healthy and avoid embarrassing situations in the future. Here’s how to talk to your daughter about personal hygiene–without making it awkward. Read More

Dad’s Breastfeeding Tips for Fathers Should Be Required Reading

The thing that is the most lovely about this post is that it’s expecting men to take part in the work (and joy) of parenting a newborn. Mom has both the privilege and hardship of growing the baby, and a lot of the time is solely responsible for sustaining their life through nursing. Sometimes, it seems, men feel helpless and useless, and therefore they shy away from a lot of the caretaking. Read More

Why Brain Teasers Are a Good Way to Stimulate Your Kids’ Brain

Why Brain Teasers Are a Good Way to Stimulate Your Kids' Brain

In the same way, our bodies need physical exercises for optimal performance, the brains also need some training to remain alert and active. Brain teasers are part of the options you can use to stimulate students’ brains. With everyday practice, your learners will learn to solve various problems easily, both in class and in life. Read More

It’s Okay To Not Give Your Kids The Summer Of Your Childhood

This way of living doesn’t come naturally for my kids. I have no earthly idea how or why: my husband and I were made for the slow, spontaneous pace of summer! But within the first day, they were both asking me for snacks every 15 minutes, fighting with one another incessantly, and nearly hanging on my legs complaining that they were soooooo bored.  Read More

Trying To Find Grace Within Faith In Special Needs Motherhood

Trying To Find Grace Within Faith In Special Needs Motherhood

Faith is knowing God is real, like you know that the wind is real. You cannot see the wind but you can always feel it. You will never be able to see faith but, you will always be able to feel it. Grace is peace. Grace is acceptance. How do you find grace within faith when your child is sick? I’ve been searching for grace for two years now, and every time I think I have found it death comes walking in the door like a holder to even the smallest amount I think I may have found. Read More

Positive Parenting After Divorce

Positive Parenting After Divorce

Remaining positive during your divorce is difficult on a good day. This is especially true if you have children with your ex since there is more of an obligation to remain strong and maintain a routine. When you are a parent you do not have the luxury to have a personal meltdown or to drag your exes name through the mud.Emotions are usually high during a divorce. There are court battles, hurt feelings, and a complete change in lifestyle that can make it difficult to stay positive. Not to mention, being friendly with your ex is probably the last thing you want to do. However, for the sake of your children and their emotional and mental wellbeing, you must learn how to parent through divorce. Read More