Kiss and Go

At my son’s Kindergarten orientation, the principal put a name to the thing I’ve reluctantly been doing for the past three years: in order for my kid to be successful in independent endeavors, I’ve had no choice but to kiss and go. I don’t like the quick embrace and the quicker release; I would love to be the mom who lingers for photos, who chats it up with the other parents, but I can’t be that lady. As much as it kills me to admit, my son does better without me. Read More

Does Peaceful Parenting Mean Letting Kids Do Whatever They Want?

Often, parents get confused about peaceful parenting. They think that if they stop punishing, their child will do whatever he wants. But that assumes there are only two choices — being permissive or punitive. What about holding to your expectations while at the same time offering your child understanding, and support to meet your expectations? Read More

7 Ways to Use Media and Tech to Raise Bilingual Kids

Whether you speak Spanish or just want your kids to learn it, raising bilingual kids is a big commitment. But even though it can be challenging, it’s definitely worth the effort. Many studies confirm the multiple benefits of bilingualism. Read More

DIY Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Let me guess, your kids love Halloween. And why shouldn’t they? They dress up in fun costumes and get more candy in one night than they see in the rest of the year combined. Of course, your kids probably aren’t aware of how expensive those cheap plastic costumes can be. This Halloween, why not make your own? Read More

Bully Awareness & Cyber Security – What You Need to Know

October is the month of witches, ghouls and goblins, and all things scary. School is clearly underway by now, bringing our daily routines back on track. October is also the month to take a step back and examine some of our behaviors- both online and off.

Cyber Security Month and Bully Awareness Month are both observed in October, and while they both go hand in hand, we’d like to reflect on ways we can all be better citizens both IRL and digitally. Read More

Teaching Kids Royal Manners

Once upon a time there was a little girl who was chosen to represent her class and give flowers to the King of Sweden.

To prepare for the royal visit, she brought a lovely dress, got a haircut, practiced shaking hands, giving a courtesy, walking with good posture, and speaking politely. Read More

8 Mosquito Bite Facts and Myths

What’s more dreadful than the blistering heat in the summertime? How about feeling like a real-life mosquito magnet every time you go outside? Read More

New Mom’s Choice Awards® Blog

Welcome! Mom’s Choice Awards® is pleased to introduce our brand new blog. Our focus here will be on providing useful, thought-provoking, and uplifting content of interest to parents, families, and educators. We look forward to expanding this blog and our online community as time goes on. How to Get Involved We’re always looking for people who would like to contribute to our community! Are you interested in writing a monthly … Read More