DIY Homemade Halloween Costumes for Kids

Let me guess, your kids love Halloween. And why shouldn’t they? They dress up in fun costumes and get more candy in one night than they see in the rest of the year combined. Of course, your kids probably aren’t aware of how expensive those cheap plastic costumes can be. This Halloween, why not make your own? Sure, it’s a bigger time investment than just buying a pre-made one, but it will likely be better quality and will certainly be a great parent/child bonding project!

Below are five DIY Halloween costumes from around the internet of varying time-commitment levels.

Wind Up Doll

I mean, how cute is this? And it’s so simple! Find easy instructions for it here. Remember, these can be fun family projects, but parents should probably do any cutting that involves razor blades or very sharp scissors.

Elsa (Frozen) Dress

What’s better than a Frozen Halloween costume? A homemade Frozen Halloween costume! Find 20+ Elsa Dress tutorials here.

Upside-Down Man

This is such a simple, funny costume. You’re kid will be a Halloween hit without being a superhero or movie character. Unless of course The Revenge of Upside Down Man comes out of Hollywood between now and Halloween! Visit Sugar Bee Crafts for easy instructions for this costume.

Mario and Luigi Go Kart

An original twist on two classic costumes. Head over to Twin Dragaonfly Designs for the instructions for this one.

Cat Costume Ideas

Looking for something really simple (but still totally adorable)? There are some great ideas for DIY cat costumes here. The part about making the paws is really clever!

Do you have you own DIY costume idea or instructions? Please share it in the comments! Feel free to share any costume pictures with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas,we love to make the whole month fun decorating and making our costumes.

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