The Kid Inside Us…

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The Kid Inside Us…

As parents, our backgrounds vary, and our parenting styles differ. Yet, a common thread we can all embrace is the inner child within us. Our children often bring back memories of our own youthful spirit, a time when we were their age.

But often the responsibilities of workaday life or the tides of life’s challenges can momentarily obscure the childlike wonder within. And yet, the present moment extends an invitation to embark on a journey of rediscovery—an odyssey that beckons us to reconnect with the essence of the “kid inside of me”.

Discover Moments of Dance

To reconnect with that childlike essence, consider stealing a moment to dance. In much the same way as my daughter, whose dance began from the very moment she found her balance, these discovering moments can liberate our spirits. Whether we embrace this dance while working through household chores or as an interlude of respite from the digital screens that surround us, dancing becomes more than mere movement. It becomes an emblem of pure joy, rekindling the innocent exhilaration of our inner child. But the significance goes beyond the surface, for this dance delivers an unexpected gift—a surge of physical activity that relieves tense muscles, invigorates the flow of blood, and sets the rhythm of our hearts in joyful motion.

Discover Moments of Kindness

Another way to embrace your inner child is by showing kindness. Children naturally radiate incredible kindness, openly sharing and helping one another. During my son and daughter’s elementary school years, I remember they would often run out of lunch money before the week’s end. Although we as parents ensured their accounts were sufficient for the week’s meals, their kindness led them to buy snacks for their friends. This unselfish gesture left an everlasting mark. Over time, we clarified the purpose of the lunch funds and began including extra snacks for them to share every now and then. Their actions remain a testament to the power of kindness. Acts of kindness, regardless of scale, carry within them the potential for profound impact—holding open a door, extending a heartfelt smile, or offering a simple, warm gesture. These actions set off a cascade of positive endorphins, nourishing not just the recipient, but also the giver.

Discover Moments of Hugs

My daughter would often approach me, offering an unsolicited hug. With no agenda, no need—just a spontaneous embrace—these hugs spoke a universal language. This practice, which began in her early years, endures even now as she approaches the age of becoming a teenager.

As they say, a hug encapsulates a thousand unspoken words. It cradles emotions that often lack verbal expression, delivering warmth, and an irreplaceable connection. A gentle hug, adorned with a genuine smile, transcends language—it serves as a greeting, a farewell, a comforting refuge, and an affirmation of affection. Children are masters of this language of hugs. Be it within the walls of the classroom, on the playground, or in the safety of home, children and hugs coexist in perfect harmony, much like the symbiotic relationship between peanut butter and jelly. Have you shared a hug today?

Discover Moments of Discovery

A vivid memory emerges—an afternoon spent visiting my mother with my daughter in tow. As I peered through the window, I beheld a captivating scene: my daughter leaping onto the trampoline with unrestrained enthusiasm. Up, down, and even attempting a daring front flip! It was a triumphant display of newfound confidence, a momentous stride towards conquering a challenge. It’s natural to kids—they dare to dream, to try, and to embrace the thrill of discovery. Through their unwavering pursuit of exploration, they extend an invitation to us—an invitation to rekindle our curiosity, rediscover our enthusiasm, and once again cherish the thrill of discovery.

From this very moment, a new chapter begins—one where you consciously seek out moments of dance, kindness, warm embraces, and fearless exploration. I am confident that your inner child, that spark of wonder within you, will express its gratitude for this intentional journey of self-reconnection.

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  1. We all need to act like a child at times! I am a teacher and I learn so much from the children in my class.

  2. I enjoyed so many special moments when my daughter was growing up. Now, I’m fortunate enough to enjoy my grandson and make lasting memories with him.

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