Teacher’s “Summer Packet” Includes No Homework at All, and We Love It

Many times, especially in higher grade levels, students receive lists of things they need to accomplish before the next school year begins: summer reading lists, math drills and worksheets, and more. It can destroy the purpose of a summer break, which should be rest and rejuvenation for kids who work hard and learn so much throughout the school year.  Read More

94% of Teachers Spend Their Own Money on Classroom Supplies

This might not sound like a lot of money for some, but taking into account that school teachers earn less than the average college graduate, are often not given cost of living raises (and, because of inflation, their income has actually gone down the last 15 years), and have to teach more children with less resources every year, it is a lot. Read More

Breathtaking MRI of Mother and Baby Depicts a Bond Deeper Than Flesh

“What’s captivating about that image is the relationship that it depicts,” Saxe told TODAY. She goes on to explain that, after her first child was born, she spent hours laying with him inside of the machine, hoping to track the development of his rapidly growing and changing brain. “It felt like my experience of being his mother and my experience of being a neuroscientist got suddenly and deeply intertwined,” she explained. Read More

Bus Driver Braids 11-Year-Old’s Hair Every Morning, and the Reason is Heartbreaking

The styles started out simple, one french braid or two. They’ve slowly evolved, and every day Isabella comes to Tracy with a new request, sometimes including fun clips or flowers. Tracy gladly obliges- so much so that several young girls now receive their own personalized hair ‘dos every morning before they walk through the front doors of their school. Read More