Husbands Everywhere Are Hashtagging #Pregnantwife and We Can’t Get Enough!


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Sometimes social media can be a bit of a drag. There’s heart-wrenching news, scary world events, and bitter arguments over any list of inflammatory topics. Twitter, however, is often is the bright spot in our days. With hashtags that spread quickly and a minimum word count (for maximum wit!), people come up with some real zingers.

Our current favorite? The recent hashtag that has now gone viral: #pregnantwife. It’s chock-full of men sharing hilarious and relatable stories of the things their wives do because they’re, well, #pregnant.

I found myself laughing more than once because I remember doing things like crying my eyes out at a Lowe’s holiday commercial and sending my husband out at midnight for egg rolls and Krispy Kreme donuts (together).

Let’s be honest, we kind of knew 75% of these tweets would involve food. Because lesson #1 is you never, ever stand between a pregnant woman and the food she desires.

Oh, mister. This guy had better watch out, lest he and his wife start comparing notes on who the real burden falls on these 9 months!

Is it just us, or does this guy have the right idea?

Whether you remember laughter turning into sobbing, strange midnight requests for food, or just plain feeling entitled to 90% of the bed, we understand. We’ve been there. We can also laugh as we watch, from a safe distance, as these brave men find humor in the roller coaster that is pregnancy. Hold on tight, future mom and dad- it’s a bumpy ride!



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  1. This is too funny. I can relate to the shirt one. I didnt buy many maternity shirts, my regular ones would show my belly so I would wear his haha.

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