Unexpected Reading

Unexpected Reading

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The benefits of reading seem endless, from improving memory and focus to enhancing vocabulary and analytical skills. I adore all of these benefits. I really do. But the number one reason I read is because it’s fun. And some of my most memorable literary moments have been during unexpected times, especially with my kids.

Below is a fun list of surprising times in which I have found myself enjoying books with my littles (though, not that little these days). Maybe one will feel like home to you. Pop a book into that purse, backpack, or car, and find out!

  1. Bike Rides

You can often find my family on our local trails. We like to take hammocks along and stop from time to time at beautiful spots. The first thing my son and I do is pull out a book from a backpack. There’s nothing like reading beneath the shade of a tree on a gorgeous day.

  1. Restaurants

Books are great additions to eating out. Food has to be made. It can take time. Instead of always shushing my kids, I’ll toss a book or two in my purse. We can read quietly while the food is being prepared.

  1. Jiu-Jitsu

This has got to be the crazies time on the list. I take my kids four days a week to jiu-jitsu training. My daughter is younger and usually finishes a good twenty minutes before her brother. We began to bring books to read, and I kid you not, we were suddenly surrounded by at least four other kids from my daughter’s group. Those eighty minutes weekly have turned into the most adorable little book club around.

  1. Running Errands

My son is pretty into James Patterson books at the moment. He digs the humor. He requested an audio book from the library (and they seriously have so many). I didn’t know just how much we were in the car, zipping from the gym to the grocery store to extra-curricular activities, until I realized how soon we were completing these audio books. It’s a really neat way for kids to hear things like punctuation and fluency on a daily basis.

Do you find yourself reading at unexpected times?


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