Pre-Reading Early Literacy Guide Using Storybooks

Pre-Reading Early Literacy Guide Using Storybooks Featured

Most parents do not have the educational background in teaching young children speech and language. Obviously, the easiest method is simply storybook reading. There are a few strategies that parents can use that will facilitate greater pre-reading and speech and language skills. This blog will number them for parents who do not have the background in early education. Read More

You’re Never Too Old to Find a New Hobby

When daily life becomes too stressful to handle, it’s important that we find new hobbies to help us relax and encourage self-care. Taking time for ourselves is extremely important for mental, physical, and emotional health, so here are our tips and tricks for finding new hobbies and building them into your busy schedule! Read More

Unexpected Reading

Unexpected Reading

The benefits of reading seem endless, from improving memory and focus to enhancing vocabulary and analytical skills. I adore all of these benefits. I really do. But the number one reason I read is because it’s fun. And some of my most memorable literary moments have been during unexpected times, especially with my kids. Read More