You’re Never Too Old to Find a New Hobby

When daily life becomes too stressful to handle, it’s important that we find new hobbies to help us relax and encourage self-care. Taking time for ourselves is extremely important for mental, physical, and emotional health, so here are our tips and tricks for finding new hobbies and building them into your busy schedule! Read More

Unexpected Reading

Unexpected Reading

The benefits of reading seem endless, from improving memory and focus to enhancing vocabulary and analytical skills. I adore all of these benefits. I really do. But the number one reason I read is because it’s fun. And some of my most memorable literary moments have been during unexpected times, especially with my kids. Read More

How to Nurture a Love of Reading in Your Child

In this day and age with technology making the rapid advancements that it is, more and more kids are stuck on their tablets, phones, or video game consoles to pass the time instead of cracking open a book. Read More

21 Famous Quotes About the Love of Reading

21 Reading Quotes

This post is for all of our fellow bookworms out there! A 2015 survey found that 27% of Americans did not read a book within the past year, but it also found that 80% of young adults between the ages of 18 and 29 had. Read More