Incredible, Award-Winning Books to Make Summer Reading Fun!

Incredible. Award-Winning Books to Make Summer Reading Fun!

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With the summertime heat beating down on us, during the extra hot days sometimes it's impossible to find the motivation to want to take your little one outside. However, you don't just want inside time to be about sitting in front of the television or computer! It's important to keep your children actively learning and thinking, even during summer break.

One excellent way to do this is to encourage them to participate in summer reading challenges. Reading is a great way to stay out of the heat and spend time indoors while also challenging your brain and learning. With so many exciting books out there to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming for your child to know where to start.

However, we've compiled a list of our award winners and Mom's Choice Award picks that your little one is sure to love this summer. Here are some of our favorite books to improve your child's summer reading experience!

Bella Santini in the land of everlasting change

Bella Santini in the Land of Everlasting Change
Written by Angela Legh

If your child loves fantasy, adventure, and magic, then the Bella Santini Chronicles are the perfect summer reading choice for them. In this story, an ordinary teen girl accidentally finds herself in the middle of an important fairy ceremony, where she is arrested and brought to the fairy kingdom, known as the Land of Everlasting Change. 

The fairy kingdom and its queen are constantly struggling to keep the powers of good and evil balanced. This story is an exciting tale of a magical land that crosses time and dimensions, bringing readers on a journey of self-discovery. The Bella Santini Chronicles seeks to plant seeds of unconditional love, inner peace, and emotional self-mastery in the hearts of all it's readers. 

Learn more about the Bella Santini Chronicles here!

Crisanta Knight: The Liar, The Witch, & The Wormhole
Written by Geanna Culbertson

The fourth book in the Crisanta Knight series, "Crisanta Knight: The Liar, The Witch, & The Wormhole" is a thrilling adventure that will have your little reader hooked from beginning to end. With her friends and magical mentors by her side, Crisanta Knight is on a quest to find the missing Fairy Godmother Paige Tomkins. But the magical world she's journeying through is never what it seems, and there's another bizarre setting and dangerous enemy around every turn.

Will Crisanta Knight and her friends be able to finish their quest? Or will the dangers, surprises, and unforeseen betrayals be too much for them to handle? Read along with your little one and find out!

Learn more about The Crisanta Knight series here!

Crisanta Knight: The Liar, the Witch, and the Wormhole
Soar: the incredible journey of Hendrix and ryder

Soar: The Incredible Journey of Hendrix and Ryder
Written by Letitia B. Burton

Summer reading is incredibly important even for younger readers, so we've made sure to include some amazing books to help start even your littlest adventurer on their reading journey this summer! "Soar: The Incredible Journey of Hendrix and Ryder" is a great choice if your young reader loves stories about adventure, family, and working together to face scary situations. In this story, Hendrix's parents have decided to migrate to South America as fall approaches North America - but Hendrix is left behind!

In order to survive the winter and find his parents again, Hendrix must work with his twin brother Ryder to make the long, terrifying journey to South America on their own. However, the two young brothers are already fighting from the beginning of their journey, pushing each other to their wits' end. Will they be able to find common ground and make it safely back to their parents?

Learn more about Soar here!

The Metamorphosis of Emma Murry
Written by Rebecca Laxton

For older readers who want a story they can relate to, "The Metamorphosis of Emma Murry" is about one teen's summer journey as she learns more about who she truly is and how she fits into the world around her. There's also the perfect amount of mystery and supernatural elements to make this story just as exciting and thrilling as it is heartfelt and relatable!

Emma has three goals for her summer vacation: finish her art terms project, land an ollie, and help the environmental club save the monarchs. Easy right? However, the world isn't what it seems, and when a plan to protect a monarch butterfly garden from being destroyed by a new ski resort turns into an investigation into the truth about mysterious death threats sent to her father, Emma isn't sure what to expect.

Your young reader can follow along with Emma as she undergoes her own metamorphosis by overcoming her fears, facing what she dreads, and protecting the people and things she cares about the most.

Learn more about The Metamorphosis of Emma Murry here!

The Metamorphosis of Emma Murry
Elvia and the Gift of Passion

Elvia and the Gift of Passion
Written by Ruthy Ballard

Another exciting, coming-of-age story, "Elvia and the Gift of Passion" follows the story of Elvia Hill, who is tired of her overly cautious, suffocating parents. She feels trapped in her life, and dreams of adventure somewhere far away. When her mother wins the family round-trip tickets for a wildlife safari, Elvia believes this is the opportunity to find the adventure she's been craving. 

To her parents horror, Elvia disappears during their trip, whisked away to a distant two-mooned planet where she can have grand and glorious adventures. While her parents tirelessly search for her - finding no trace of her whereabouts - Elvia is cruising aboard a luxurious submarine with a queenly “uppy” and a lively sailor-boy-pirate named Rats!

While her adventure is fun at first, a terrible crisis unfolds aboard the boat and Elvia is the only one who can save the day. Through this experience, she learns more about herself and discovers a powerful emotion that opens her heart and transforms her troubled family forever.

Learn more about The Tales by Moons-Light series here!

Legends of the Donut Shop
Written by Terry Overton

The perfect summer reading choice for middle-school readers and teens, "Legends of the Donus Shop" tells the story of Wes, who is injured in a head-on collision when he's only seventeen and nearly loses his life. During a strange and mysterious near-death experience, Wes travels back in time to his younger years - back to the time he spent with his grandfather and his friends at the Donut Shop. Now older, Wes listens to the funny and lively group of old veterans and one retired sheriff tell their stories. This time, however, Wes understands the meaning of each story in a way he never could as a child.

"Legend of the Donut Shop" is a book about second chances, life lessons, and forgiveness. After going through a terrifying and life-threatening experience, Wes's life is changed forever and he begins a new chapter in his journey.

Learn more about Legends of the Donut Shop here!

Legends of the Donut Shop
Lotti and the Impossible Dream

Lotti and the Impossible Dream
Written by Charly Froh

Only the bravest dare to follow their dreams, and Lotti is as brave as they come! Based on a true story, "Lotti and the Impossible Dream" is about Lotti, a gymnast with a secret. Lotti practice rhythmic gymnastics, an exciting sport that requires incredible flexibility (just like that of a snake!)

However, her secret makes her life extra difficult, and getting through the struggles and trials of middle school life is already exhausting as it is. Confronted with ridicule, obstacles, and setbacks, Lotti learns that there are two options you can take at each crossroad: surrender or keep on fighting. Ultimately, it is up to us which path we take.

"Lotti and the Impossible Dream" is a powerful story about perseverance, resilience, and determination. Make sure to add it to your child's summer reading list today!

Learn more about Lotti and the Impossible Dream here!

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