Fun Children’s Books For Summer Reading

Fun children's books for summer reading

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Summer is the time for beaches, vacations, warm days playing outside in the summer sun. Kids use summer as a time to unwind and do all the things they can't during the school year, from playing with friends in the day to staying up late watching their favorite movies.

But did you know that during these fun summer months, children can lose up to 40% of what they learned during the year? That's a crazy amount to lose and puts them way behind where they need to be when they start back in the fall.

Luckily for all worried parents, many libraries and online resources host annual summer reading programs to help keep kids active and reading during their break. But if you don't have one near you, you can still encourage your children to participate in summer reading activities and keep them from losing all that valuable information.

Award-Winning Children's book — Max and the Red Haired Dragon

Max and the Red-Haired Dragon
Written by Amos Knoll

A young boy named Max and a red-haired dragon go on a journey to discover why they are different. They discover during their adventures that while we are different on the outside, on the inside we are all the same. Children learn that it is important to judge people not by their appearance, but by the contents of their hearts.

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Four Bears in a Box
Written by Dreama Denver

Dreama Denver's "Four Bears In A Box" is a story about adventure and imagination, and allows you to take your little ones on a journey of creativity and happiness. Much like how Dreama Denver and her husband, Bob Denver, used their theater backgrounds to connect with their son, Colin, through fun and exciting stories, you too can connect with your children by bringing this fun, whimsical story to life.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Four Bears In A Box
Award-Winning Children's book — The Elephant Who Tried to Tiptoe

the elephant who tried to tiptoe
Written by Andrew Sam Newman

Newman's fascinating bedtime story is one of self-love and personal affirmation. Your children can follow along as The Elephant falls in and out of love with herself and learns to appreciate her body as it is. At the end of the book is Ellie's Bedtime Body Scan, a short exercise to help your children relax, love their own bodies, and fall into a gentle sleep.

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The Story of the Can't That Could
Written by Joan C. Yingling

A book that teaches and encourages a self-affirming mindset, "The Story of the Can't That Could" is a great book for promoting summer reading and helping your children learn self-affirmation. 'Can't' feels like he isn't able to do anything right, but during his journey he learns that confidence is found within. After he changes his mindset, he realizes he is able to accomplish so much more than he thinks he can.

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Award-Winning Children's book — The Story of the Cant That Could
Award-Winning Children's book — Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy

Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy
Written by Ruthy Ballard

A great book for middle school students looking for something to read during summer reading, Ballard's story follows Frankie as he lives in his world of make-believe. While his parents wish he would come back to the real world, he ends up going on a journey through a crack that appears in his bedroom to a distant planet called Urth. Frankie embarks on incredible, mind-blowing adventures that your children will love to join him on.

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Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets
Written by Sherrill Joseph

An exciting mystery novel for your older children, "Nutmeg Street: Egyptian Secrets" follows the young Botanic Hill Detectives as they try to solve the mystery of the stolen ancient Egyptian burial urn and clear the name of the late Egyptologist Dr. Winston Thornsley. Can the group of kids find the answer before they get hurt? And Can your children solve the mystery before the detectives, or will they be surprised by the ending? This story is exciting and thrilling, a great way to get your children excited about summer reading!

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Award-Winning Children's book — Nutmeg Street
Award-Winning Children's book — Thomas Holland and Pandora's Portal

Thomas Holland and Pandora's Portal
Written by K. M. Doherty

Doherty's novel is one of action and adventure. A thrilling and exciting story about saving the world - but not your world! A group of friends must go on a magical and perilous journey to cross worlds and universes in order to save their world from the evil wizard Naagesh. If your children love fantasy and adventure, magic and bravery, then they'll love "Thomas Holland and Pandora's Portal." Packed with suspense, humor, action, and huge twists, your children will be more than happy to participate in summer reading to experience this exciting story.

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The Zee Files
Written by Tina Wells

If your children loved the bestselling Mackenzie Blue books, then they'll love Wells' spin-off series, "The Zee Files." The story follows the thirteen-year-old Mackenzie "Zee" Blue Charmichael as she journeys to London for her Dad's new job. Zee hopes to make the best of her new situation by finding new friends at her boarding school and jumpstarting her music career, but must first overcome many obstacles and struggles on her way to finding her place in her new home. A great story for all tweens and teens looking for stories they can relate to as they transition into their next stage in life.

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Award-Winning Children's book — The Zee Files
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  1. These books look great. Summer reading is so important. My children enjoy the local library’s summer reading programs each year.

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