Teaching Your Children About the Value of Change

Change can be scary – but it doesn’t have to be. It’s important that we learn the value of change and teach our kids to embrace it so they can learn to appreciate it as they experience change throughout their lives. Read More

3 Fun Activities to Inspire Kids to Love Our Planet

3 Fun Activities to Inspire Kids to Love Our Planet Featured

“I believe that eco-education should start early, and that sustainability can be fun and it can (and should) be taught to our little ones through engaging activities and materials. Read on for three eco-activities to inspire your little ones,” says Maria Gagos in this relatable and easy-to-read blog post. Read More

Food Quality Matters Especially for Your Child

Food Quality Matters Especially for Your Child Featured

There is a new report out that baby and toddler foods from Big Food are often loaded with heavy toxic metals.

Leading baby food manufacturers knowingly sold products with high levels of toxic metals; a congressional investigation has found.

This helps explain why over 50% of our children have a chronic illness.

Toxic load = inflammation= chronic disease

Toxic metals interrupts health in our children. Read More

Five Strategies for Navigating Remote Learning (While Working at Home)

Five Strategies for Navigating Remote Learning (While Working at Home) Featured Image

Parents are bracing themselves as the school year gets into full swing, with many children around the country participating in remote learning. Working at home while managing a child’s remote learning experience means more challenges – and fewer opportunities for work-life balance. Savvy parents employ these five strategies for making the household run more smoothly, even when everyone’s locked inside together. Read More

Birthday Shopping at a Local Toy Store

supporting Local toy store

Not only do I get to enjoy my granddaughter’s company but I get to support a small business, something that is so important right now for small businesses to survive. It’s a win-win situation. Hopefully, she chooses another Mom’s Choice Award winner this year! Next time you’re considering shopping at or ordering online from a mass retailer, perhaps you’ll consider shopping local and enjoying the experience, as I did and still do every year with my granddaughter. Read More

Toxins, Cleaning, Children and the COVID-19 Virus

Toxins, Cleaning, Children and the COVID-19 virus Featured Image

“Environmental health experts warn that relying too heavily on disinfectants to prevent the spread of infection could actually create more dangers, especially if chemical cleaners are used when children are present.”[vi] Read More

Do Fathers Undervalue Their Importance as a Parent?

Ayesha Jazib Featured Image

Fathers agreeably have a significant impact on a child’s upbringing. This has also been substantiated by multiple pieces of research and studies that highlight how involved fathers not only benefit their child but themselves as well. However, fathers are unable to express confidence in their parenting, because society and the law undervalue their importance Read More