Keeping Hip with the Kids: How to Use Your Children’s Slang

Learning Your Children's Slang

Draven Jackson
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We’ve all been there – one of your preteen kiddos says some new word or phrase and you have no idea what it means. You don’t want to ask because then they’ll roll their eyes and say you’re “not cool.” And you don’t want to be “not cool.” Because your parents were “not cool” and you want to be in on the slang, hip with the times!

Don’t worry though – you’re not the only mom out there who’s gotten confused talking to their children. It’s a part of the parent-child relationship, as is the next moment when you learn the new words and your teenager tells you “Mom, that’s not how you say that!” If you’re anything like my parents, you live for these moments of showing your kids that you know the slang, too!

For all those moms out there who get lost in the new slang of the times, here’s our list of 20 new words and phrases to know, what they mean, and how to use them!

1. YeetHow To Use Your Children's Slang

What it means: To throw something.
How to use it: “I’m going to yeet this bottle into the trashcan.”

2. Woke

What it means: awareness, being aware of current affairs (especially in the context of social justice)
How to use it: “I watched that new documentary on Netflix about the 14th Amendment and now I am woke.”

3. Dope

What it means: excellent, great, impressive.
How to use it: “That new song was so dope.”

4. Gucci

What it means: good, awesome, cool.
How to use it: “You need anything from the store?”
“Nah, I’m Gucci.”

5. Lit

What it means: exciting, excellent.
How to use it: “Man, that movie was lit!”

6. Rip

What it means: Rest in Peace. You use this when something bad has happened and you are acknowledging it.
How to use it: “I didn’t get the book – they were all sold out.”
“RIP, that sucks.”

7. Fire

What it means: great, awesome.
How to use it: “This new album is fire!”

8. Low key

What it means: usually used to substitute with “sort of.”
How to use it: “I low key want to go see that new Disney movie before dinner.”

9. Boujee

What it means: acting fancy, based on the word “bourgeoisie.”
How to use it: “She got that expensive Chanel bag today, she’s acting super boujee.”

10. Salty

What it means: upset or angry.
How to use it: “She’s salty because I ate dinner without her.”

11. Savage

What it means: cool, amazing, impressive. When used for a person, usually it’s someone who is confident and cool.
How to use it: “Mom is so cool – a total savage!”

12. Extra

What it means: too much, being over the top.
How to use it: “My sister spent four hours editing her Instagram photo – she’s so extra.”

13. Basic

What it means: stereotypical. Being basic essential means boring, unexceptional.
How to use it: “Getting a pumpkin spice latte at Starbucks is so basic.”

14. Ship

What it means: to support a romantic relationship, to wish for a romantic relationship between two characters.
How to use it: “I ship those two. They are so cute together!”

15. Throw shade

What it means: to talk badly about someone, usually behind their back.
How to use it: “She was throwing shade today when she told everyone I was always late.”

16. Shook

What it means: shocked, surprised.
How to use it: “I was shook when the teacher called on me in class.”

17. GOAT

What it means: Greatest Of All Time
How to use it: “Oprah is the GOAT.”

18. Oof

What it means: a way to respond to something embarrassing happening to you or someone else.
How to use it: “I spilled water on my pants today and it looked like I had an accident.”
“Oof, that’s the worst.”

19. Slay

What it means: doing great, killing it.
How to use it: “Mom, you look great! Slay queen!”

20. Sus

What it means: suspicious, shady.
How to use it: “He was acting sus today – he wouldn’t even look at me.”

I hope these slang terms will help you to better understand future conversations with your kids and teens! Feel free to throw them into the conversation yourself to show them that you’re cool enough to use their slang and stay hip with the kids.

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  1. Howdy there, coming in from Alabama im married to my third cousin I just want to say thank you so much, my little “hipsters” are sweet souls but I don’t understand what they say all the time one of them is always saying that my husband edges and keep saying posay and Debussy am only one person I don’t know what their saying. Moms choice awards help a mother in need with her children and her husband.

  2. Im a single mom who works to jobs who loves her kids and never stops, with gentle hands and a heart of a fire, I’m a survive. My name is korina and I was wondering what does kms and kys my son keeps saying that to me, is it keep your self safe? i need to get close to my teenage mamas boy before he’s a adult. And my cute son keeps saying that I’m not mewing enough? as a confuse mother I just say thank you because I’m such a good parent :) LIVE LAUGH LOVE Korina and my son adam🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  3. Hello am single mom who works two jobs, and as a heart of a fire. I was wondering if anyone can tell me what does kms, my son keeps saying it and I want to get close to my two sons also can you tel me why my my olde r son keeps saying sigma and mewing he keeps saying that i don’t have mewing sklls. I think its a good thing, can u pleasee now before my husband finds me :) live,laugh,love Karen and what does nnn mean.

  4. ONG so slay you go girl yaaaaaaaas kawweeeeeeeeen😩💄🧑🏼‍🦽😘🍑💋👠😩😩

  5. my drillers what is up now i can freely use my hip slang with the gang cuz they know that im hip with the diddy and im boujie

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