Traveling With Your Children Will Make Them More Successful, Study Suggests

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A new survey suggests that if you want your children to be successful in school, travel with them.

In the study, which was commissioned by the Student and Youth Travel Association (SAYTA), 74% of teachers surveyed said they believed that travel has ‘a very positive impact on students’ personal development’. A majority of teachers also said they believed that the positive impact of travel on students goes far beyond their personal development to their academic career as well.

While participants are clearly ignoring the undisputed fact that traveling with children may reduce their parents’ levels of sanity, they’re right! According to Travel + Leisure, students whose travels took them to cultures other than their own- whether domestically or internationally- displayed a greater level of tolerance, respectfulness, and a willingness to learn and try new things as well.

Those sound like qualities we should all strive for. Maybe we should send ourselves on some trips, while we’re at it!

Travel + Leisure also writes that, “Kids who traveled were more likely to have higher independence, self-esteem, confidence, adaptability and sensitivity. They were also more likely to be more outgoing and have better self-expression than kids who stayed at home.”

If we weren’t sold before, we are now. What do we want our children to be, if not confident, sensitive, and eager to learn?

The catch? 76% of teachers surveyed said that they saw children wanting to travel even more after taking just one trip. So, in a word, travel is addicting. Once kids get a taste for what is outside of their own community, they want more. We can’t think of anything better for our young ones to desire!

For those of you who have traveled, don’t you remember the feeling of realizing the world is so much bigger than what you’ve known your whole life? That there are so many other ways of speaking, eating, and moving through it? It’s a game changer. The sooner- and more often- we can give that gift to our children, the better, and this study confirms it.


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