Just in Time For Back To School Season: Hilarious First Day Photos For Your Enjoyment

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It’s a mixed bag when it comes to kids’ feelings about school starting back up again. My husband and I playfully joke about our ‘nerdy’ little first grader- not a day passed by in Kindergarten where she didn’t RUN full-force into her school, excited for another day of learning- but for some, school is less-than-exciting.

For those kids, sitting in front of their perfectly chalkboard-lettered signs pretending to be excited for the end of their carefree days is just too much to bear. Thankfully, many of those children’s moms snap the photo anyway… and share away, for all of us to see.

Whether they’re in preschool or highschool, sometimes it’s just plain hard to go back to all of the work and responsibility. Maybe someday they’ll get a chuckle out of these pictures, too!


Lynnsie Taylor


Bethesda Babies


Courtney Adams


Alison McAuley


Jessica S


And, a personal favorite of ours, for obvious reasons:

Focused on You Photography

Whether it was tear-filled or joy-filled for you and your children, we understand how hard transitions can be. As we enter back into our respective school communities, let’s remember to support our educators, too! After all, they are the people who make all of these amazing photographs possible!



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