The Mothers of Black History Month

The Mothers of Black History Month

In order to fully celebrate the historical achievements of Black History Month, we must look at the strong mothers who fought for freedom and worked to end injustice and racism, all while providing a better future for their children. Read More


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As I’m making my first coffee of the day, my husband comes downstairs dressed in a suit jacket, dress shirt, tie…and shorts. He casually flashes me a smile as he walks into his home office to begin his court hearing. My kids start asking me for a snack when it dawns on me: over the past few months my home has turned into a Gym, Court of law, Elementary School and Restaurant. Read More

Keeping Summer Cool: Activities for Kids!

Keeping Summer Cool Activities for Kids

It’s the middle of summer…now what? So, here we are in early August, and the kids are saying, “I’m Bored!” in that all-too-familiar tone. So, now what? Let’s see if some of these ideas help Mom and Dad out! Read More

Trying To Find Grace Within Faith In Special Needs Motherhood

Trying To Find Grace Within Faith In Special Needs Motherhood

Faith is knowing God is real, like you know that the wind is real. You cannot see the wind but you can always feel it. You will never be able to see faith but, you will always be able to feel it. Grace is peace. Grace is acceptance. How do you find grace within faith when your child is sick? I’ve been searching for grace for two years now, and every time I think I have found it death comes walking in the door like a holder to even the smallest amount I think I may have found. Read More

To The Mama Whose Tank Burns Too Quickly

To The Mama Whose Tank Burns Too Quickly

There’s so much talk these days about filling your tank.Self-care.You can’t pour from an empty cup.Blah blah blah.This isn’t untrue. I agree that self-care is important, but my problem isn’t with filling my tank. My problem is that, often, the tank just doesn’t seem large enough. Read More

And This is 10 Years Old – Reality, Growing Up, Learning and Loss

And This is 10 Years Old - Reality, Growing Up, Learning and Loss

My oldest daughter turned 10 a couple of months ago. I have just recently come to the realization that I have lost my little girl. The temper tantrums have stopped. The crying for no reason has stopped. The clingy-ness of a small child is something I will never see in her again, and it all passed by in a flash with me feeling relief as things started to change. Read More

Why I Haven’t Lost Myself in Motherhood

losing yourself motherhood

The truth is, I feel more like myself than I ever imagined I could. I came alive the day I met my daughter. I’ve been forced to examine the corners of my being; to evaluate where I fall short, for the sake of others. My patience has, many times, been stretched beyond its limits. My selfishness constantly needs laying aside. My beliefs and views beg to be developed, because I’m helping to mold tiny ones, too. I’ve found that my fear is greater, but so is my joy. Read More