By Women, For Women: Award-Winning Books for Women and Mothers

By Women, For Women: Award-Winning Books for Women and Mothers

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March is Women's History Month - this means it's the best time to introduce empowering, award-winning books by women, for women to your monthly book club. While books written for and about women and mothers should be read year-round, this month is your chance to take time for yourself and read the stories and thoughts of other women and mothers simply trying to do their best.

Are you looking for stories about working moms just like you? Or, are you interested in funny stories about the difficulties and trials of motherhood? We have some fantastic award-winning books for you to choose from, so we hope you will consider introducing one of these wonderful works as your book-club choice of the month or simply to enjoy and relate to on your own!

Award-Winning Children's book — Like a Mother

Like a Mother
Written by Julie Cole

“Like a Mother" is the perfect read for working moms who know all about the struggles of maintaining jobs, relationships, and family needs. Being a working mom means wearing a hundred different labels and names, and Julie Cole understands that better than anyone. Not only is she a hard-working mom of six, but she's also built a multimillion-dollar business with her co-founders called Mabel's Labels. Follow along as she tells a story of determination, resilience, and chasing your dreams in between your children's naptimes and playdates.

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Become the Fire
Written by Elisa A. Schmitz

Another amazing book written by women, for women, "Become the Fire" teaches about the importance of turning obstacles and struggles into fuel for fulfillment and success. Sometimes life tries to throw us into the fire, but Eliza Schmitz's work encourages readers to use the fire to ignite your motivation and determination. Using her own story of success alongside interviews with ten diverse and successful women, Elisa Schmitz presents important lessons for putting your personal power to work, with unstoppable results.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Become the Fire
Award-Winning Children's book — That sucked. Now what?

That Sucked. Now What?
Written by Dr. Neeta Bhushan

"That Sucked. Now What?" is all about embracing the chaos and discovering the magic in the mess. Dr. Neeta Bhushan's work is full of useful wisdom and insight, as well as a five-stage framework to help readers embrace the possibilities in chaos, normalize sucky human moments, and help redefine tough moments to push forward with grace. This book is full of relatable commentary and stories that teach us to grow through difficult times and embrace the suck so that we can become stronger, more resilient people. 

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The World's Worst Diabetes Mom
Written by Stacey Simms

For readers looking to find books with relatable, heart-warming humor, "World's Worst Diabetes Mom" is the choice for you! Stacey Simms is candid and honest as she talks about her journey parenting a child with type-one diabetes. And while her parenting methods and philosophies may not always be perfect, Stacey does her best to show that life isn't about perfection - in fact, her stories and lessons only work to prove that diabetes laughs in the face of perfection! Raising a child that is happy and healthy (even with T1D), as well as caring for their siblings, is about resilience, flexibility, and being able to find laughter and humor even in difficult situations. Life is a journey full of challenges, but always remember that you're not alone!

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Award-Winning Children's book — World's worst diabete mom
Award-Winning Children's book — Mom Life versus the Everyday Apocalypse

Mom Life Versus The Everyday Apocalypse
Written by Megan Whitmer

Sometimes life as a mom feels like you're constantly waiting for an apocalypse to happen. Whether it's runny noses, crying babies, potty training, or outgrowing clothes every season, motherhood is a constant test of problem-solving skills and thinking on your feet. "Mom Life Versus The Everyday Apocalypse" is one woman's story about surviving marriage and motherhood, showing us all that everyone struggles sometimes (but we're all still doing alright). If you have a mom, are a mom, or hope to be a mom someday, then you need this book in your life!

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The Mommy-Go-Round
Written by Eleanor D. Alspaugh

A heart-warming, relatable, and humorous story that breaks the motherhood code of silence, "The Mommy-Go-Round" is a tell all series of essays on motherhood, childhood, and everything in between. This book is guaranteed to make you laugh (and maybe shed a few tears) and help you realize that you're not alone and everything you're feeling and going through is normal. This book contains true confessions from the author's own childhood, relationship with her mother, and experiences as a mother herself, and by the end, you're sure to be encouraged to embrace the MOM-Life experience completely with all the phases and craziness you’ll see along the way.

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Award-Winning Children's book — The momy-go-round
Award-Winning Children's book —Why some animals eat their young

Why Some Animals Eat Their Young
Written by Dallas Louis

"Why Some Animals Eat Their Young" is a laugh-out-loud relatable story about the true reality of being a wife and a mother. Dallas Louis's stories are honest and hilarious, and she hopes readers can connect with her experiences as a mother and find comfort in knowing they're not alone. Dallas prides herself in openly telling readers the things their friends won't and the things other books are too afraid to print. And with her witty humor and colorful story-telling skills, this book will help you laugh at everyday situations, easing the pressure of the toughest job in the world: being a mom.

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Authentic Power
Written by Ashley Bernardi

"Authentic Power: Give Yourself Permission to Feel" teaches readers not to shy away from their pain and emotions - instead, Ashley Bernardi encourages us to embrace our darkest hours, which are disguised opportunities for healthy emotions, healing, and personal growth. Through her own personal traumas and struggles, Ashley has learned that trials and adversity can be a great source of strength and self-discovery. Using the power of daily affirmations and writing prompts, Ashley teaches readers about her F.E.E.L framework: focus, enter, experience, and learn. She hopes that readers can use her stories, ideas, and advice to help build hope even during times of struggle.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Authentic Power
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  1. So many great and encouraging choices for reading. I love that these books support moms of all backgrounds.

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