Make Going Back to School Even Better with These Amazing Products!

Make Going Back to School Even Better with These Amazing Products!

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As August ends and brings summer to a close, it's time to start thinking about returning to work and daily life - and for your little ones, this means going back to school! While for some kids this is an exciting opportunity to see their friends, meet their new teachers, and learn more about interesting subjects, others may need a little more convincing or help to make back-to-school fun, easy, and worth getting up that extra hour earlier.

If your child needs that extra push to get excited about back to school, don't worry! We have some amazing educational products that are sure to put them into the best spirit for returning to their learning journey!

Emily Rose 16 Inch Girls Back Pack and School Supplies Set
Created by Emily Rose

Nothing made me more excited about going back to school than choosing a new backpack and cute school supplies that would help me feel ready for the year. This adorable 16-inch backpack is the perfect choice for your little learner - not only is the design colorful and unique, but it also has a padded back and adjustable straps that make it comfortable to wear throughout the school day. Not to mention, it also includes a matching spiral notebook and 2 matching No. 2 pencils! So cute!

Learn more about Emily Rose products here!

The Jig Is Up - Jigsaw Brain Games (Logic & Cryptograms)
Created by The Jig is Up?

Learning doesn't have to stop in the classroom, and sometimes the best way to get kids excited about back to school is to challenge their brains even outside of their lessons. "The Jig is Up - Jigsaw Brain Games" is a selection of cryptograms and logic-based puzzles that can be done individually or as a team collaborative effort. Parents and children can work together to read the different scenarios and solve the puzzles. Not to mention, these puzzles also make great classroom activities - teachers can use them as a center-based or teamwork activity!

Learn more about The Jig is Up here!

Breathing Exercise Cards for Kids
Created by Kids Yoga Stories

School can be a stressful experience for a lot of children, and one way to calm the anxiety that could come about from going back to school is by providing your little ones with simple ways to calm down and focus. These Breathing Exercise Cards have 30 breathing techniques that can help children release stress and tension. With easy exercises like Balloon Breath, Bee Breath, Flower Breath, and Bunny Breath, students can utilize these breathing cards during brain breaks for the classroom, playtime, circle time, or transition times. Children are never too young or too old to learn healthy and helpful breathing techniques, so these cards are a great resource for helping your child feel calmer and more relaxed in the face of possibly stressful situations. 

Learn more about the Breathing Exercise Cards here!

Multiplication Flashcards
Created by Learnworx

Math can be difficult, and sometimes the stress of having to deal with subjects they may not feel very confident in can make your child feel anxious about going back to school. If this is the case, then the best way to help them feel more assured in their skills is to practice together! With the Learnworx multiplication math cards, students can work on their multiplication skills using 183 multiplication flash cards that include all facts from 0 to 12. These flashcards can be more easily organized with dividers and include a wipe-clean pen and eraser for self-checking. They are also color-coded to help with targeted learning!

Learn more about these Multiplication Flashcards here!

Financial Literacy Lessons and Activities
Created by Evan-Moor Editorial

One great way to expand and use the knowledge your children learn in the classroom is to help them apply it to real-world experiences - not only will this solidify those lessons for them, but it's also great for encouraging them to get excited about going back to school! But how can you help them increase their knowledge and worldview? One great way is with these amazing Financial Literacy Lessons and Activities. By using this product at home, you can provide your children with important life skills by teaching them about money and financial concepts and how to apply the math they learned in school to the world around them! The Financial Literacy series includes various activities that help children understand important financial concepts and apply math skills with practical exercises, creative games, and more!

Learn more about Financial Literacy Lessons and Activities here!

Kiri Smart Block
Created by Kiri Toys

Kiri Toys Smart Blocks provide the perfect at-home play for preschool to second-grade students who want to increase their learning experiences through hands-on and unique activities. Kiri Toys believes that learning should be fun, engaging, and accessible to all children, and their wooden smart toy was created to help children learn words, definitions, and phrases in English, Chinese (Mandarin), and Spanish while also enjoying the tactile and interactive nature of play. Kiri is different from other language-learning options due to its screenless smart features, and their Kiri Smart Block, mode card, and tiles can grow with a child even as their needs change! Students can go back to school and tell all their friends about the amazing things they learned using these cool and innovative toys!

Learn more about Kiri Toys products here!

i-Poster: My Periodic Table
Created by Best Learning

Education is a whole different ballpark than it used to be, and it's always important to stay up-to-date on new and innovative products so that you can send your students back to school with the best opportunities to increase their knowledge. With the i-Poster series' "My Periodic Table," students can learn about the periodic table more easily than ever before! Your young scientist can explore all 118 chemical elements with this visual and auditory interaction periodic table, which also includes over 1,000 amazing facts and exciting quiz games! With so many fun features and innovative ways to learn about science, your child will feel confident in their memorization, concentration, and problem-solving skills. 

Learn more about My Periodic Table here!

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  1. My granddaughters would love that cute Emily Rose backpack. The Multiplication Flashcards would be really helpful for them too!

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