Online Dating for Single Moms: 5 Tips to Meet a Wonderful Person

Online Dating for Single Moms: 5 Tips to Meet a Wonderful Person Featured

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Online Dating for Single Moms: 5 Tips to Meet a Wonderful PersonSingle moms often have a limited amount of time because they have so many responsibilities to juggle. This may make it difficult for them to meet people IRL. Online dating for single moms is a good alternative that allows single moms to make real connections in an efficient way. Below, we provide tips on meeting a wonderful person through online dating.

Online dating for single moms is a great way to reduce stress during a pandemic and after a breakup. Single moms can make needed connections during this trying time, which can make them feel more connected with the world and less isolated. Delayed meetings can also give moms more time to vet potential suitors to make sure they are safe.

Is Online Dating Safe?

The truth is that you can encounter a criminal anywhere. The internet just makes it easier for would-be criminals to connect with you. However, there is no guarantee that just because you meet someone in IRL that it will be safe. However single moms meet potential partners, they must be vigilant about protecting themselves.

The Michigan Attorney General offers the following recommendations to protect yourself online:

  • Limit the information you provide
  • Do not reveal financial information
  • Run a reverse image search
  • Check if they are running a script
  • Look out for other warning signs

You may also consider using public records to get useful information about your date. These thorough online background checks help locate daters’ social media accounts, concealed dating site profiles, deleted photos, and messages, posted comments online, past browsing behaviors, images, videos, and whether they were involved in any data breaches.

Other common-sense tips to help you stay safe whether meeting a person IRL or online include:

  • Make your first meeting in a public place
  • Communicate only through the dating app and do not provide your date with your personal contact information when you first meet
  • Let a friend know where you are going and when you will be back
  • Arrange for your own transportation so you can leave if things get weird
  • Check-in with your friend when you return from your date
3 Foolproof Tips to Meet a Wonderful Person

Now that you have taken the proper precautions, you can focus on attracting the right person who can add to your life. Follow these tips to make the best of your online dating:

1. Use the Best Online Dating Sites

While there is no shortage of online dating sites, you will want to concentrate on the best sites for online dating for single moms. These are the important criteria that you should follow when knowing which website is worth you spending your precious time on:

  • Purpose: are you looking for something long-term, or do you want to have some fun? Be sure to make that decision before signing up anywhere
  • Free vs Paid: there are many websites that require a monthly membership to unlock certain, enhanced features compared to some that are absolutely free. Check your finances before committing.
  • Previous Failures: don’t let past experiences cloud your judgment; the world has gone digital, and everyone is now online.
  • Senior Dating: regardless of your age, your special someone is still out there with 1/3 of seniors who have dated in the last 5 years have used a dating app, compared to 1/10 5 years ago.
  • Niche: there are loads of dating sites that target specific lifestyles, careers, and interests. Pick the one that suits you best
2. Create an Alluring Dating Profile

Make sure that your dating profile properly highlights your attributes, qualities, and interests. You can ask help from a friend who has had success with online dating, or you can follow this advice:

  • Honesty: be honest in your bio. You want the person who is interested in you to like you for who you are.
  • Conversation Opener: not everyone is bold enough to take the first step even after swiping. Make it easy for people to approach you.
  • Double-check: reread your information multiple times and make sure there aren’t mistakes. You want to show that you’re well-informed.
  • Check Other Profiles: see what other people have done and take some inspiration from them.
3. Select Your Best Pictures

Post a few pictures of you, preferably recent pics that you look good in. Avoid pictures with friends or others who may detract so that the focus of your photos are just you. Include pictures that show you participating in favorite pastimes, hobbies, and if you have any pets, definitely add them as well; everybody loves a cute animal.

4. Limit your Matches

Don’t “burn yourself out” by texting and getting to know multiple people at once. You might match with several people that you feel lukewarm about and keep the conversation going with them for a while, but this consumes energy, time, and effort which you can utilize somewhere else. Hence, cherry-pick at max two people that you see have the best potential to be what you’re actually looking for.

Also, this could be misleading for your match. If you are browsing your options, the other person might have you and only you in their sights. It’s always favorable to treat others, even if they are strangers online, as you want to be treated and not get disappointed when they suddenly disappear.

5. Meet up When it Feels Right

As much as you enjoy texting with someone, voice or video-calling them, and staying up for hours on end on your phone, tablet, or computer discussing everything, there comes a time where you should actually meet that person.

Taking into consideration all the security measures discussed above and the obvious health issues that have recently taken over our lives, make sure to time the meet-up is right. Don’t rush but don’t stretch a lot; everyone has a certain threshold that if crossed, they will start to lose interest and look for someone else.

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