Modern Virtual Assistants for Moms: How to Cope with the Rhythm of Life if You Are a Single Mother

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Modern Virtual Assistants for MomsFew jobs in the world are as difficult as being a single mother. You have to balance the needs of your child, yourself, your work, and your household as a whole. Fortunately, the modern-day is filled with various forms of technology, specialized gadgets, and information that can help single moms a great deal. With that in mind, take a look at these tools that can help make your day a bit easier than ever before.

Dating Websites

Among the many challenges that single moms face is finding the time to meet a new romantic partner. Although you will certainly continue to focus on your child’s development, it’s still important to maintain a social life, even if you don’t have the time to go out and party with your friends like in the past. Fortunately, people in modern times have the opportunity to utilize dating services for single moms so they can quickly and easily meet romantic partners. The website Momsgetnaughty gives single moms the chance to meet romantic partners anytime and from any place. The versatility offered by online dating sites is second to none. Parents can take a few minutes each day to check out potential matches, send messages, and look for people who are interesting to them. The best thing about specialty single mom websites is that people are looking for these ladies, so there is no way to waste your time. These guys know what they are getting involved with, so they are not going to back out at the last second like some of the men you might meet in person. By putting everything on the table in clear view, you will make meaningful connections that can last as short or long as you need them to. Being a single mom can be a lonely duty, but it does not have to be that way once you decide you wish to find a new romance. Keeping a little distance between you and your dates is not a bad idea at first, either!

OurHome App

Do you have younger children who are old enough to use an app but not old enough to remember all the duties they have to do around the house? Then the OurHouse app is a must for your smartphones and tablets. The basis of this application is that it allows parents to set a list of chores to do and assigns them point values. Once your child completes enough tasks, they will earn benefits from screentime to having a website for games unlocked. You can even create benefits that are specific to your child’s activity too. As a single mother, you can look at the list that you have assigned to your child and see how much of it they have completed at a glance. That way, you can hold your children accountable and keep them on task when they forget about what they must do. This app can manage many other facets of your life, too. You can schedule events and set alarms for them when you’re using this app, helping you maintain a group calendar so that you never miss another appointment. This app is designed to be one-size-fits-all, and it has so many impacts on your life that you will have no idea how you made it this long without using it!


Another great application that you can add to your smartphone is called MyFitnessPal. As you might imagine, getting physically fit when you are a single mother is incredibly challenging, and staying fit can be hard too. As such, the MyFitnessPal will help you keep track of all the foods you’re eating, help you count your calories, and recommend the macros you need to keep your weight in check. Whether you are trying to shake the weight that you gained from having a child or you want to make sure you look your best for your future dates, this application has many means of helping you get the results you need. Even if you are not perfect with your tracking, you will get a better idea of how you need to eat and drink if you want to get healthy. The app also synchronizes with many other applications, allowing you to track the exercises you do and the number of calories you have burned throughout the day. That way, you can more accurately track your fitness endeavors and earn the figure that you desire.

The Slay Your Goals Physical Planner

When you are trying to establish long-term plans, sometimes it’s better to have the physical planner right in front of you rather than try to use a digital application. In this case, there is only one planner that you need to use as a single mom: the “Slay Your Goals Planner.” This is a 75+ page printable planner that will help you define your goals and follow up on them in an amazing fashion. Instead of giving you an empty calendar, this planner challenges you to come up with SMART and RIGHT goals that are designed to be specific, measurable, and attainable in a certain timeframe. This planner helps you set up plans for the future based on short-term and long-term goals that feature check-ins throughout the process to make sure that you absolutely crush your to-dos, giving you more time to focus on other pursuits in your life instead of worrying about the future. You’ll have it all written down in front of you, and it’s not something that you can simply ignore because you can carry it with you to work in a binder, put it on your desk at home, and check-in with it every single day. Better yet, when the year is done, and the planner is reaching its final days, you can evaluate your progress, see what you have done right, and think about the things that you have to do better in the future to reach your goals.

Virtual Physical Tracking Applications

Nothing is more worrisome than trying to earn a living and not knowing what is going on with your child. Did they make it to their after-school band practice? Did they go to their grandparents as they said? These questions are the bane of a single mother’s existence. Fortunately, when your child is old enough to make use of a smartphone, they will have a valuable tool for communication. Since they are on your plan and you bought the device, it’s possible for you to track the phone by installing an application. You can safely assume that any place your child goes, the phone will go with them. As such, you install the tracking device in the child’s phone, and you will gain the ability to track their location anywhere as long as they have their GPS signal on the phone. You will know where your child goes no matter what, and that is something that is hard to put a price on. You can pick them up when they need you, correct them when they wander, and worry less about your child’s safety.

Smartphone Checking Apps

As your child gets older, you will start to have less impact on their day-to-day life. For single moms, that can be extremely stressful because you will have less of an idea of what’s happening at school or during other activities. While it might not be something that every parent wants to do, it’s wise to think about having a smartphone app installed on your child’s device that allows you to check their messages until they reach an age where they’re sending are rightfully private, and you’re sure the child knows about the dangers in the world. While they are preteens and younger, it’s good to have a way to check your child’s phone as a single mom. That way, you can quickly sweep their messages to make sure that nobody is sending them anything inappropriate. You may also use such an app to help you look at the search history of the device. That means you can see what your child is looking at. This can be very helpful at learning about what stage of development they’re in, and it can be helpful for starting conversations about difficult topics. The bottom line is that using these apps to gain insight into your child’s life will save you trouble and safety issues down the line. However, as your child progresses into their teen years and grows into pre-adulthood, it is a good idea to take such apps off their phone so that you don’t butt into conversations about topics they should be prepared to face on their own.

Flipp App for Food shopping

Now that we have gone over the apps that will help you keep tabs on your child while you’re at work or otherwise occupied, we are going back to a simpler one. The Flipp app is a perfect way to help you get more out of your food shopping trips than ever before. Two of the major problems that single moms face when trying to raise children are that food is expensive and that nobody has the time to compile a list of all the coupons to the places they like to shop at. The Flipp app can help you out by allowing you to favorite the stores that you like to frequent. Then, the app will compile the latest circulars and coupons for you, allowing you the benefit of seeing all the best sales without having to go from app to app or store to store. This can be a lifesaver for busy single moms who are just trying to get through their next shopping trip without missing out on great savings. This app is wonderful for moms, especially those with growing, hungry children in their homes!

Ring Home Security

The current generation is filling up with more latchkey kids. These are kids that get off the bus at school and then start taking care of their homework or doing things around the house until their parents get home. The Ring app is part of the larger security suite that allows parents to see what is happening inside and outside of their house based on where they install the cameras. If you want to make sure your child is safe at home, then just activate the app while you’re in your office at work and see what they’re up to. You could also talk to them through the intercom system and tell them to get back on task when you see them turning on the television when they get home. These are just a few of the ways you can use this system, but it’s all about giving you access and insight into your kids’ lives when you’re not there for them.

Being a single parent can be incredibly difficult. The modern world provides you with many resources to help you. Given the digital and physical tools that we have listed here, you can easily take many approaches to improve and streamline your life. From giving you a better chance at finding the deals you want to help you get a new romantic match in your life, using any of these tools can profoundly improve your overall outcomes as a single mom.

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