Laughter is the Glue That Holds My Family Together

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The first time I laid eyes on my husband, he was making a large group of people laugh in the student center of our University. Months later, when we began to see each other, we quickly found out that we were pretty compatible, and our senses of humor happened to be, too. Although we’re quite different, we have always had a penchant for making one another laugh… him with his love of the wild and outrageous, and me with my more understated, slightly off-color humor.

After almost a decade of being together, we often talk about how it’s more important than ever for us to hold laughter in high regard. It continues our friendship that began so long ago. It hearkens back to those early years of discovery and becoming endeared to each other, day by day. When Colin does or says something that is meant specifically and only for me, in order to make me smile (and vice versa!), it’s a real manner in which we conjure up togetherness in the midst of busyness and the normative family, money, and work stresses. It’s a safe place and a haven. We’ve laughed our way through so many different stages of life, whether it be a relief from pain, in moments of intimacy, after (or even during) a disagreement. It is truly a sign of health in us and our marriage.

We say often that if we stop laughing together, we’ll know something is seriously wrong.

If you are able to freely laugh with someone, it’s pretty easy to become close. It’s not often you laugh with people you don’t like, is it? It requires the breaking down of barriers; it requires vulnerability. To try to make someone laugh takes effort and care.

On top of that very bond that my husband and I have been working on, we now have two little ones who are a constant source of giggles. Kids have a way of reminding you to not take yourself too seriously– am I right? Oh, how many times Colin and I have had to dive behind a wall or around a corner because we couldn’t contain our snickers, usually over something slightly sassy or naughty our daughter said. Or how many times our resolve has been broken by a hilarious dance or face or joke, or even an inadvertent funny: like the time our two-year-old daughter (who was potty training at the time) sat down and read the book Everyone Poops with me, closed it, and loudly exclaimed, “Aaaaaaaaa-men!”.

It’s the soundtrack to our home life, truly. There have been, and will continue to be, seasons of life where our laughter may get stuck in our throats; it may not flow as freely, or it may hurt. But we’ve seen it heal wounds and bring joy in painful circumstances.

The thing that strikes me is that it’s a universal language. Don’t we all remember our baby’s first belly laughs? It erupts out of them from somewhere deep down. Even at a very young age, for our kids to see mom and dad laughing, just like they laugh, is important. We want them to know that not only are we married, are we a family, but we like each other. Laughter is not just for the young. My hope is that, when they reflect upon the general atmosphere of our home, they remember one that was full of silliness and the sound of my husband’s signature guffaw and my cackles. There is no melody more beautiful than my house full of laughter.

Colin and I often joke about how absolutely ridiculous we are, and wonder if other people and couples are quite as weird. We can almost guarantee that if anyone ever heard us when we get going, or knew about our inside jokes, they would probably disown us. I know that every couple, every family, is unique, and because of that, everyone’s ‘glue’ will be different. What I do want to encourage us (and myself) to continue to do is get back to the basics. What were the things that first brought your relationship together? Let’s celebrate them by giving them a place in our relationships now, where we are.

What is the glue that holds your marriage and your family together? I’d love to know! Feel free to share below.


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6 Comments on “Laughter is the Glue That Holds My Family Together”

  1. Laughter is so very important throughout our lives.My kids are adults now and still we talk about days gone by that were filled with laughter and stories that.

  2. I agree! Laughter is so important throughout life…the trick is finding people who understand your humor…otherwise they think you’re just odd…which is fine also, because that will be joked about as well lol

  3. I agree. I love that my husband has a sense of humor. My oldest son is getting pretty good at snappy comebacks. Some of the stuff he says I wonder where he came up with it.

  4. I agree that laughter is one of the glues to keep a family together, but also trust and love of course. Maybe that’s why I love those “live, laugh, love signs so much” I enjoy hearing those belly laughs for my husband and kids, the laughs that are so hard you begin to cry and don’t even remember why you were laughing to begin with! Trust and love obviously go hand in hand in any relationship and are a given. But I truly believe that is also the glue that holds relationships together!

    1. so true, Robin! I love that! Laughter is so much richer when you love and trust the person you’re laughing with. Great perspective!

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