Being Single Isn’t A Bad Thing

Being Single Isn’t A Bad Thing

Despite what Valentine’s Day ads might make you believe, being single is a great opportunity to learn about yourself and your relationships. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Amanda M. Thrasher

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Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! Thank you for joining us for another interview with one of our incredible honorees. The honoree we were able to speak with today is the wonderful Amanda M. Thrasher, author of the Mom’s Choice award-winning book, Stranger in the Mushroom Patch. Stranger in the Mushroom Patch is a children’s book for children aged 6 – 10 years that is filled with twists and turns, adventure, and fun from start to finish, and serves as the fourth book in The Mischief Series. Keep reading to find out more about Amanda and her award-winning book, Stranger in the Mushroom Patch! Read More

ADHD and Friendships

ADHD and Friendships

Justin sits alone at lunch every. single. day. His only friends are his cousins, who have known him since they were all babies together and are accepting of his super-shy, silent, and scattered personality. The school has called about their concerns that Justin is suffering in some way. His mother tells me, “My heart breaks when I think of him sitting alone. Why is there NO ONE who will talk to him?” Read More

What I’m Learning About Finding My Village

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I want to boldly confess something important that I’m learning as I grow: that what is more important than how I feel is being an active part of a community. I will continue to extend invitations to fill our guest room and table with those in our growing village. Although I may still have to fight the deeply ingrained cultural mindset that says if I’m uncomfortable then I won’t do it, I will do so because of the long-term benefits, for both my family unit and those who are a part of our lives. Read More

In the Midst of Tragedy, Why Are We So Quick to Throw Stones?

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I tend to think that outsiders blame parents because, when they admit that it’s an actual accident, they are admitting that they and their loved ones are not immune to the very same circumstances. It’s acknowledging that there are things that are out of their control; that even the most caring parent can’t completely shield and protect their child. Read More

Laughter is the Glue That Holds My Family Together

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It’s a universal language. Even at a very young age, for our kids to see mom and dad laughing, just like they laugh, is important. We want them to know that not only are we married, are we a family, but we like each other. Laughter is not just for the young. Read More