Exciting Science Activities for Your Favorite Little Scientist

Exciting Science Activities for Your Favorite Little Scientist

Draven Jackson
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Does your little one love collecting different stones, making at-home volcanoes, or reading about dinosaurs? Do they love to create new things, try new experiments, and research new topics? If so, our science activities and games are the perfect gifts for your little scientist!

Finding fun ways to engage your children in learning at home can be challenging, but these easy-to-do kits, games, activities, and more make it so simple, anyone can enjoy them! You don't have to be Einstein to have fun using these award-winning products; your kids will love bonding, experimenting, and learning with you!

If you can't find the product for you and your little one in our list below, check out our online store for other amazing, science-based award-winners that you're sure to love!

Award-Winning Children's book — The Play Kits

The Play Kits for Toddlers
Created by LoveEvery

“The Play Kits for Toddlers" are fantastic, science-backed products that are perfect for your toddler's playing and learning experience! Expertly designed to foster brain development during the early stages of your little scientist's life, these kits deliver the essential toys and activities your toddler needs to make playtime fun AND educational!

These kits are a monthly subscription system so that you can get developmentally-appropriate playtime activities delivered straight to your door.

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3-in-1 World Globe LED Constellation Map Night Light
Created by USA Toyz

For a cool science-oriented product that's perfect for daily use, the 3-in-1 World Globe LED Constellation Map Night light brings the world to your child's fingertips! This amazing globe provides a glowing opportunity for parents and their little ones to learn all about countries and constellations in a fun, creative new way.

Your children will love the opportunity to explore both Earth and space, and you will enjoy seeing the wonder and happiness on their faces every time they memorize a new group of stars or cluster of countries.

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Award-Winning Children's book — 3-in-1 World Globe
Award-Winning Children's book —The National Geographic Mega Science Series Earth Science Kit

The National Geographic Mega Science Series Earth Science Kit
Created by National Geographic

For young scientists who want to have a variety of new experiences, the National Geographic Mega Science Series Earth Science Kit has more than 15 incredible scientific experiences for your little ones to try for themselves. They can craft their own erupting volcano, grow magical fully-formed crystals, enjoy learning about geology with two exciting dig bricks to explore, and so much more.

There are so many amazing activities in this kit that you and your child are sure to have hours of science-centric fun!

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Orbital Velocity

The perfect game for scientists ages 10 and up, "Orbital Velocity" is an opportunity for you to become a rocket scientist working with other scientists to deploy satellites into space. This game is both fun AND an amazing learning opportunity as you use Math and Science to reach your goal. You'll also have the incredible opportunity to create your own Artificial Intelligence to help you get your satellites in orbit.

The perfect challenge for your young Einstein, you and your child will have an amazing time exploring orbital physicals and AI technology together.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Orbital Velocity
Award-Winning Children's book — Soap Making Kits

Pinwheel Crafts Soap Making Kit for Kids
Created by Pinwheel Crafts

For crafty scientists who love working with their hands, this magically fun kit has everything you need to make cute DIY soap! You and your child can make 16 custom soaps using the super adorable "Mermaid under the Sea" DIY kit for girls.

This is the perfect gift for little ones interested in STEM and science, and the kit also comes with cute mermaid soap boxes that you can put your finished soaps into to give as gifts to all your favorite soap lovers!

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12 Days of Crystal Science

Looking to grow captivating, colorful crystals with your little geologist? Then look no further, cause this is the perfect kit for you! Your young chemist will experience magical, mystical science as they perform experiments and grow a crystal tree, diamond-shaped crystals, and more!

Together, you can use this kit to work through 12 hands-on crystal science experiments that will make you feel like you're watching magic happen.

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Award-Winning Children's book — 12 Days of Crystal Science
Award-Winning Children's book — Theremin Electronic Kit

MicroKits Theremin Kit

Music is also an incredibly cool science of its own, and your favorite musician / scientist is sure to love this Theremin Kit. Using your MicroKits theremin, you can create music and sound by waving your hands around electric fields! You and your child can work together using real electronic parts to learn all about the physics of electrical capacitance.

The colorful 22-page instructional kit will not only teach you how to build your theremin but also about how your circuits work. It's super easy to follow, and both you and your little one will have lots of fun building your theremin together!

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  1. my grandsons are fascinated with science and I bet they would love the globe and earth science kits, thanks for the great gift ideas

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