Tradeshow Spotlight: Toy Fair NY

Tradeshow Spotlight TFNY

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Toy Fair NY inside the Javits Center

Toy Fair New York is one amazing four-day party. Since it is the largest toy trade show in the western hemisphere it is exhausting, but so much fun. I was lucky enough to attend this year’s show (the 117th!!) with my wonderful Mom’s Choice Awards team last weekend, February 22 – 25. We had a blast visiting with our honorees, posing for photos with cartoon characters, and getting to see all the new products coming out this year. Spoiler alert–you will not be disappointed if you love toys.

I happened to be in the right place at the right time and watched Shaquille O’Neal cut the ribbon to officially open Toy Fair on Saturday. Yes, he is quite tall! I spent the rest of my days in meetings with exhibitors showcasing some phenomenal new toys. Everything I saw was impressive. Okay maybe not everything. I really am over the LOL dolls craze! I got to try out a few things that I cannot mention just yet since they are still in production. However, when I can I will certainly be writing about them! And another spoiler, watch for some upgrades and enhancements on some toys from your childhood.


Pikachu floating around Toy Fair NY

Walking down each aisle of the Javits Center was a treat as there literally are toys as far as the eye can see. I was in awe. The imagination, creativity, and vision of toy makers is overwhelming. I am glad there are people that have the ingenuity to create toys so that we can play and so that we have fun, educational, and entertaining toys to share with our children.

We had over 100 honorees at the show and did our best to catch up with all of them. We did photo shoots with our huge MCA sign and learned about all the new products our honorees are ready to release including toys, books, apps, and more.  We made sure to share the photos on Mom’s Choice Awards Twitter #MCATFNY. Be sure to check it out to see all our photos from the show. We are pleased to continually grow our social media platform to promote each and every one of our honorees not only at Toy Fair and any other show they attend but whenever we can.

Bumkins TFNY

MCA Honoree, Bumkins @ TFNY

MCA Honoree, South Beach Bubbles @ TFNY

MCA Honoree, South Beach Bubbles @ TFNY

MCA CEO Dawn Matheson TFNY

MCA CEO, Dawn Matheson @ TFNY









As I was writing this recap, I kept thinking how much I love what I do and what Mom’s Choice does. It really is an honor and a pleasure to continually source new toys and products that you, the consumer, will want to bring into your home. Our logo is only on quality, award worthy products. Our Honorees are the best!

Check out our Facebook Album for more photos!

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tradeshow spotlight Toy Fair NY



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  1. WOW! NY Toy fair sounds super fun. I have seen some fun pics on social media. I hope you and your whole team had fun there.

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