Tips for New Mothers to Overcome Postpartum Depression

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postpartum-depression-overcomerPregnancy in itself is not an easy thing to go through. Women deserve some medal for all the things they have to put up with, and even that won’t be enough. From mood swings to constant aches and cravings, bearing a child and bringing new life into this world is exhausting. And it is a long process. Nine whole months, a woman has to go through every worst thing to give birth. We aren’t saying that there are no ups to it because there are. The whole process is somewhat magical and wonder of nature if we look at it closely, but the truth remains there. It is a tough job to carry a baby for nine months and then bring it to this world. The labor pain, along with sleepless nights that follow is something every mother in this world has to go to. Waking up to a screaming, crying baby in the middle of the night is no one’s favorite thing to do, but every mother out there does it wholeheartedly because the love for their child runs deep.

It is not just the pregnancy alone that has an impact on a woman’s body. Every woman is built differently, which is why they all experience different things during their pregnancy. Most women do not experience morning sickness, while others do not have to pee so much. It all depends on the individual’s body. But the one thing that is common amongst all pregnant ladies or new mothers is the hormonal changes. When the body prepares itself to bear a child, certain hormones fluctuate in a woman’s body which makes them moody and cramped and results in the craving for some weird food. While all this is happening, women often comfort themselves by thinking that all this will be over in nine months. When in reality, it continues, long after they have given birth. Once a woman delivers a baby, the body then goes in a state of recovery, whereas the hormones do the same. But rather than returning to their original condition, they change themselves to adapt to the new role of a woman which is a mother. And those changes end up giving almost every new mother, postpartum depression.

What is post-partum depression and how to identify it?

A lot of women often go into a state of sadness after delivering their child, which goes unnoticed. They tend to eat their feelings and end up ginning a lot of weight which then adds to their anxiety. If you notice yourself getting moody or sad at the smallest things, then it is an indication that you are going through post-partum depression. There are many ways you can identify it.

It all starts shortly after you give birth. For some women it starts after a few days of giving birth, while for others it begins after a few weeks, 5 to 6 maybe. If at any point after your delivery, you start to feel depressed, book an appointment with your doctor immediately so you can get yourself checked out. One of the best ways to get out of it quickly is by visiting your doctor at the earliest so you can get started on some anti-depressants or other medicines which will help you be in the right mind-set. A lot of times when PPD goes unnoticed, it makes mothers get delusional and in some cases, evens suicidal. Which is why it is essential to get checked out immediately in case any symptom shows up. Not just that, but if a mother is going through a rough patch, she won’t be able to tend to the needs of her young baby. The healthier she is, the better the baby will be.

How to overcome post-partum depression?

While it is not easy to overcome the postpartum depression that quickly and it does require a lot of time, effort, and medication, it is possible to get over it. There are different ways one can overcome this. The treatment differs as per the body, symptoms, and doctors of every woman. The medications that they take and the condition of their depression will determine how quickly they can recover from it. So if you are suffering from it, do not do what other women are doing. Go to the doctor and take your appointment because everybody needs something different. And to cure something, the doctor needs to examine you and you only to make a customized plan for you. While taking medications, here’s what you can do to get over postpartum depression as quickly as you can.

A Healthy Diet:

Women tend to indulge in junk food, and everything unhealthy when they become pregnant. And once those hormones start to act up, the cravings get crazy, and women tend to cave in to their cravings more and more. The body already goes through too much, which is why women do not restrict themselves and consider it to be a reward for all the hard work that they did. It is good but only for a little while. The preservatives in processed foods mingle with their hormones and result in some crazy reactions. All the unhealthy food will make one more sad and depressed thus spiking up the anxiety levels.

To make things better for yourself, start your day with some fruits and veggies or by drinking a healthy smoothie with some protein powder in it. It will give the body the energy it requires and will make every woman feel better. And if they feel better on the inside, they will start to feel better on the outside too.

Exercise or Meditate:

High-intensity workouts are not advised for women who just gave birth which is why shirt walks are ideal for them. When your baby is napping, start walking inside the house so you can keep a close eye on the baby as well. Once your husband goes home, you can even go outside to jog or run or walk. This will make you feel better once you get some alone time.
You can also decide to meditate. Sit outside every morning and dig deep inside your mind trying to remove every negative thought from it. Recite your aspirations in life, along with a mantra that will help you stay focused and alert throughout your entire life.

You can do some yoga positions since those are known heavily for relaxing muscles and the brain. Once the brain gets relaxed, you will start to feel a lot better and will be more in control of your feelings.

Proper sleep:

The biggest problem associated with new moms is that they do not get enough time to sleep or relax. They are sleep deprived because newborn babies tend to get up in the middle of the night to feed. This makes it difficult for mothers to rest. To make sure you get some rest, pump some breast milk before going to bed so your partner can look after the baby when you are asleep. You can also try to sleep every time the baby sleeps. This way, you will make up for your lost sleep, and the more you rest, the better you will feel.

Despite doing all this, if you do not feel better, tell your doctor so they can adjust your medications accordingly. Yes, motherhood is scary but remind yourself that you are doing an excellent job because that is what every woman wants to hear.

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