New Year, New You: Nourish Interactive

Nourish Interactive

Maggie LaBarbera shares with us some tips for a healthy new year and talks about her award-winning website, Nourish Interactive, which is chock-full of information for parents and kids! This free bilingual website, offers parents tools and games for children to help them learn about the importance of a balanced meal. Read More

4-Year-Old Bookworm Resolves to Read 100 Books in One Night

four-year-old bookworm

Sylus told Babble that they are overwhelmed with the love and support that the nation has shown to Caleb. He also shares that his son has pushed him to set lofty goals, ones that may make him feel uncomfortable. “We are capable of farm more than we imagine if we just try.” Read More

Why Good Skincare Should Begin in Childhood

Why Good Skincare Should Begin in Childhood

Skin is the largest organ of the body and it plays a vital role in regulating the body temperature and protecting us from microbes and harsh elements. Skincare should be seen as just another important task that forms part of our daily routine for both adults and children. Read More

Do You Know What Your Family Is Pouring Down the Drain?

environmentally friendly home

Imagine a new world in which children know as much about the animals and plants in their own backyard, as they do about the list of animals under extinction. This beautiful new world starts by making environmental protection part of our day-to-day lives… through actions as simple as watching what we pour down the drain. Read More