3 Secrets to Thriving in Life with Food Allergies

3 Secrets to Thriving in Life with Food Allergies

Let’s face it, raising a child with food allergies can be so overwhelming! It’s easy to doubt your abilities, be confused or be really stressed out! As a fellow food allergy parent to a child with multiple life threatening food allergies – I totally understand and I’d like to share the 3 secrets I’ve learned along the way. Read More

Being Bored Is Actually Really Good for Your Kids

I see my daughter after a long eight hour day of school. Hour after hour or guided learning, sitting still in chairs and being shuffled from subject to subject, she becomes tightly wound. The last thing she actually needs when she gets home is more. It has become apparent that the best thing for her is space to breathe and listen to her body. That’s when the magic happens. Read More

Tips To Lose Weight: How Real Moms Can Lose Weight After Pregnancy

Tips To Lose Weight How Real Moms Can Lose Weight After Pregnancy

With each of my three pregnancies, I gained over fifty pounds. Considering I have a petite, five foot tall frame, that was a fairly large amount of weight indeed. While nothing compares to the magic of having your babies growing inside you, it can still be difficult to watch all of that weight go on. Read More

It Turns out Sometimes Money CAN Buy Happiness (If It’s Used to Buy Time)

For the survey, over 6,000 people residing in the United States, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Canada were asked if they used money to buy themselves free time, and if so, how much they spent. The researchers then asked them about their stress levels and overall life satisfaction. Their findings concluded that those who reported buying time also had higher levels of life satisfaction and lower stress.  Read More

Vices You Must Give Up In Pregnancy and Why

Vices You Must Give Up In Pregnancy and Why

Most pregnant women know that drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking drugs while pregnant is a big no-no. However, despite official warnings from health agencies, a recent study found that some women are partaking in these no-no’s during pregnancy. Read More

My Secret to Happy Parenting? Mediocrity

It’s a struggle to push those standards aside. But I do. And you should, too. Trade it in, instead, for your own, functioning, unique brand of mediocrity. That’s right: Mediocrity! My secret to being a content, happy parent. I’m completely mediocre, and I’m not shy about it.  Read More