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Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! Thank you all so much for joining us for another honoree interview. We recently got the opportunity to catch up with Mom’s Choice Award-winning author, Alexa Palmer to speak with her about her fabulous book, Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen! Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen is a delightful read that is such a helpful resource to children about the many benefits of choosing healthy foods! Readers can also expect to find loads of excellent examples of healthy foods through beautiful illustrations, reminding kids that healthy foods are yummy too. There are also some delicious recipes included at the end! Keep reading to find out more about Alexa and her amazing award-winning book, Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen!

MCA: Hi Alexa, thank you so much for joining us today! I have to first start by saying as a reformed junk food addict, I absolutely loved your book! It was such a fun reading that really opens up the conversation about creating a healthier diet for children. Can we first start the interview by having you tell us about yourself?

The MCA award-winning book, Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen!

The MCA award-winning book, Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen!

Alexa: I have been writing since the age of eight years old when I penned my first short story. It caught the eye of someone who encouraged me to write! write! write! I started writing human interest poetry in college – at Scripps College, Claremont, CA – which was popular amongst my friends! I did a stint in performing arts at the University of London and was in many stages plays growing up and exposed to many productions. I have also written the full-length stage production musical of Jolene the book and wish to have it produced for kids in the future. As far as hobbies, I played team tennis in college and while growing up. It was my passionate hobby of choice. I love songwriting, too! I am honored to receive this award and proud to be a part of such an impactful platform as the Mom’s Choice Awards. After all, it all begins with the moms and the ways they choose to educate our present and future generations that positively change the world for the good of all!

MCA: We are beyond honored to have you a part of our award-winning family. Also, the musical production sounds amazing, we can’t wait to see it! Let’s talk a little bit more about your award-winning book, Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen. Tell us how Jolene educates kids about nutrition through fun and fantasy!

Alexa: Jolene is a transformational character which I love. She is relatable to all kids who are hooked on junk food. She meets colorful characters who take her on her own discovery journey, and she dreams about it and awakens to her new, improved self. There is so much fantasy in her dream and kids have fun experiencing the colorful characters and her antics along the way.

MCA: The characters are very colorful indeed! Can you share with us why was it so important for you to employ this medium (fun and fantasy), given the intended book audience?

Alexa: Kids have vast imaginations, and they are attracted to stories that propel this side of their personas. The more original fantasy content a book contains, the more kids are apt to be drawn to the storyline and learning aspect.

MCA: How does your background as an early childhood educator play into your writing of this book?

Alexa: Early childhood education was an added bonus. I could observe and acquire a true picture of what kids gravitated to. After giving the book to kids in the elementary school division, I was amazed at how they would share their reactions and how it helped them in making better choices more often. One boy said he read it six times. That was a pleasant surprise! Once eating habits are established, the bad habits are hard to break, so hopefully, future generations will have an easier time if we catch our audiences of children at critical times of development. For many, it is hard to break the cycle of poor nutritional choices. Hopefully, the kids of our future will be more prepared to learn and make the right choices. Hopefully, Jolene will help them!

MCA: What was your motivation for writing this book?

Two young readers drinkinghealthy smoothies from a recipe that can be found in Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen!

Two young readers drinking healthy smoothies from a recipe that can be found in Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen!

Alexa: Watching kids overeat junk food rather than choosing healthier choices day in and day out, I had a desire to turn it around through a fun, fantasy story instead of just a factual format type book which I thought never really piqued a child’s interest for change. I went through a lot of books and most of the subject matter was kind of boring for kids.

MCA: What kind of response from readers have you received?

Alexa: Overall, really positive. The kids seem to like it a lot as well as the parents! Parents are searching for tools to influence their kids toward healthy eating!

MCA: What do you hope readers get out of the book?

Alexa: I hope kids take away the ability to make healthier choices. I hope they will start to eat more fruits and veggies and junk food only in moderation. Also, less sugar and sweets. I hope they develop a healthy journey in life like little Jolene. She is their role model! I hope future generations will make healthy choices and active choices for a better quality of life.

MCA: Thank you for a wonderful interview, Alexa! Please keep us posted on whatever is next for you in your literary journey! 

You can learn more about Alexa Palmer and her award-winning book, Jolene: Adventures of a Junk Food Queen by visiting her MCA Shop pages.

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