Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Connie Thornell

Today we have with us Connie Thornell, author of the delightful Mom’s Choice Award-winning Touring with Tinzie Jo and Brindley picture books. All three books in this series can be used as read-alouds for infants through preschool. They are also a great teaching resource in the early elementary grades—and with their positive lessons, a poetic style, and figurative language throughout, they can also serve as teaching tools in secondary schools, as well. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Eleanor D. Alspaugh

Thanks for joining us for another fascinating interview with one of our Mom’s Choice Award winners. Today we hear from Eleanor D. Alspaugh, who is known for telling it like it is, with insight and humor, when it comes to the challenges of motherhood. Her writing in The Mommy Go-Round is described as “real” and “honest.” The sleepless nights. Fussy eaters. Every challenge on that merry-go-round that motherhood entails—issues for toddlers through teenagers. We’ll also learn what prompted this book and the features that make its heartwarming, down-to-earth advice invaluable for parents. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Jeffrey Morgan

Today we have the opportunity to talk to first-time author Jeffrey Morgan, whose book Funky Monkey: Adventures in Kindness would be an ideal addition to many a child’s library. For preschoolers through second graders, it sparks meaningful conversations, inspires creativity, and leaves a lasting impact on young minds. Whether shared as a bedtime story, used in classroom discussions, or enjoyed during interactive learning sessions, the book instills valuable life lessons that children can carry with them throughout their lives. Read More

Top 5 Tips for Busy Moms Who Want to Write a Book

Vicky Weber Featured

Top 5 Tips for Busy Moms Who Want to Write a Book

Being a mom is a demanding job, but it is also incredibly rewarding. It can be overwhelming at times, but it is worth it to watch your kids grow and learn new things every day. But if you have dreams of writing a book, it can be difficult to fit it all in. Here are some tips to help you get started on your journey to becoming an author. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Melanie Joy Mezzancello

MCA Interview Series Featured image Melanie Joy Mezzancello

For this interview, we were able to sit down and speak with Melanie Joy Mezzancello, author of Love Snaggs: A Little Dog’s Courageous Journey. Love Snaggs is a beautiful and imaginative story about a Yorkie mix named Snaggs who goes on a journey filled with adventure, bravery, and heroism. Love Snaggs is a truly heartwarming story that any animal lover will adore and find hope in, especially after the loss of a pet. Adults and children will both enjoy this delightful book. Keep reading to find out more about it and its author, Melanie Joy Mezzancello! Read More

Teaching Your Children About Intuition

Teaching Your Children About Intuition

Intuition is an important topic that comes up in my therapy practice, one I feel is crucial to discuss with our children. Teaching them what it is, what it means, how it presents itself, how to use it in your own life. Read More