Teaching Your Children About Intuition

Teaching Your Children About Intuition

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Intuition is an important topic that comes up in my therapy practice, one I feel is crucial to discuss with our children. Teaching them what it is, what it means, how it presents itself, how to use it in your own life.

Some people- adults- intuition in their jobs, such as deciding what person to hire. Some use intuition in general decision making, if it feels right, “a feeling in my toes” as I’ve heard one person describe it, then it’s a yes.

Over the years, working with many people on the subject of intuition, I’ve learned it expresses itself in a variety of ways.

The common thread though is to trust your gut.

This week, I’d like to address students who ignore their intuition and become stuck, at the expense of their mental health.

If you are a student and you’ve been working on the same problem over and over again and your gremlins are telling you you’ll never understand this, and you’ll never be as smart as so and so, and you’ll never get into a good college, blah blah blah, understand that your intuition is serving you when this happens. It’s a test and a challenge to trust.

It’s allowing you a different perspective, one that prioritizes your mental health and helps you choose in strength versus suffering, especially over a subject that doesn’t serve you.

Trusting your gut means you know when you need to step away from the problem, the work, the incessant doing and try something different, in order to recenter yourself in the vein of good emotional health.

Work hard, yes. Always, always do your best. It is in the growth mindset that we achieve, but we also need to know when to stop and let something go, so that we remain healthy. You may not need that “A” as much as you need to learn to be a balanced person, honoring the grid of the many areas of your life, in order to be happy.

Our intuition guides us to be happy.
And when we are frustrated and in despair, our bodies are saying, please stop. I’ve had enough.

Trust that you’ll end up where you are supposed to be.
That you’ll go to a good school and meet the people you are supposed to meet, and study the subjects you are supposed to pursue in order to use the unique gifts and talents only you possess.

That is the message of Intuition.

It is in the letting go in the moment so we can see new paths that are revealed, moving us in the direction that will make us happier and healthier.

If you’d like to develop your Intuition, this week trust in the way something feels “wrong” as much as what feels “right.”

All good things,

Jill SylvesterAbout Jill Sylvester

Jill is ta therapist and the award-winning author of Land of Blue. Everything she does involves working with energy, both in herself as it helps her feel whole, and with others in order to gain understanding, develop compassion and ultimately to form more meaningful relationships. Her goals when meeting with clients are to share what she knows to be true, in order to guide clients toward a more authentic, healthy, and purposeful life. For more information about Jill check out her exclusive MCA interview or visit her website.

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Teaching Your Children About Intuition


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  1. Glad, I read this article-because it answered several questions I had about children and intuition.

  2. Well said Jill. I really thankful sharing this wonderful blog post here. I haven’t read any post like this before. Intuition is your birthright. As children you freely connect to your intuition so naturally that you don’t even know it is intuition. It is an everyday awareness permeating your existence that you are intimately connected with and a part of. Life feels magical and your environment is filled with endless possibilities. I have bookmarked this blog for future reverence.

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