Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Dannielle Pickford

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For this interview, we were able to speak with Dannielle Pickford, Mom’s Choice Award-winning author of the children’s picture book Sydney the Sloth. Looking for a story to help your child improve their speech and learn to use the letter S? Sydney the Sloth is a fun, fast-paced dance story designed to support young readers as they begin to recognize and pronounce S sounds. Author Dannielle Pickford created this series after years of helping her child develop his speech sounds. On every page, discover new ways to use the letter S in speech and writing. Sydney the Sloth is perfect for readers aged 2 to 5, introducing important concepts that help children develop speech skills. Combining a fun narrative with engaging illustrations, this book offers a unique way for young readers to learn about sound. Keep reading to find out more about Dannielle Pickford and her award-winning book, Sydney the Sloth! Read More

Giveaway: Dilly Duck Plays All Day

Dilly Duck Plays All Day Giveaway

We’re giving away a signed copy of the award-winning children’s picture book, “Dilly Duck Plays All Day,” by author Holly DiBella-McCarthy, to 3 lucky winners! Read More

Giveaway: Dusty The Dog Bundle

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We are giving away not one, but two award-winning children’s picture books, “Dusty and Friends Coloring and Activity Book About Friendship,” & “Dusty’s Big Oops!” – hardback edition – signed by author Tammy Fortune, to 5 lucky winners! Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Nan Arkwright

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Today we were able to sit down and chat with Nan Arkwright, author of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning book, Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure! Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure is an inspiring children’s picture book that aims to help children adjust and build emotional resilience as they face big life changes and challenges. Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure is a great tool for any parent or educator wanting to help children with their emotional control and problem-solving abilities. Mission: CONTROL! A Big Feelings Adventure is also filled with beautiful illustrations that help tell the story, with one reader calling them “Probably the best illustrations I have seen in a children’s book.” Read More