Fun Family Fitness Activities

Fun Family Fitness Activities

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The family that is active together stays together – or, at least, they have a lot of healthy fun together! Being active and fit is incredibly important for everyone, especially during periods of time when you may be stuck at home and unable to go to a gym or fitness center to work out.

It’s also fundamentally important to teach your little ones early on about all the fun ways you can keep your body healthy and active. If you are your family is looking for fun, exciting family fitness activities that you can enjoy together this year, here are some of our favorites!

Go For a Walk or Hike!

The easiest way to keep your family active and enjoy fun, fitness activities together? Go for walks! Not only is walking a great form of exercise, it’s also a wonderful way to get out of your house and enjoy the sunshine while you stretch your legs.

CoVID19 has led to a lot of lockdowns, shutdowns, and socially distant procedures that can make working out in public incredibly difficult. However, walking around your neighborhood or a nice local park (on days that aren’t too crowded) can be a great way to get in your steps while also maintaining CoVID precautions.

Not to mention, for children going through school online or at home, being stuck inside the house all the time can be a big issue for them. By taking small family outings to walk around and get some exercise, you’d be giving your children the opportunity to let out all their pent-up energy in a fun, healthy way!

Family Yoga!

Fun Family Fitness ActivitiesOne of my favorite fitness activities is yoga, and more often than not I’ve enjoyed a good morning or afternoon stretch with my family or friends. Yoga is a great workout to do either on your own or with the people you love, so bringing your family together for a relaxing, healthy yoga stretch can be a great way to bond and enjoy a healthy, fun activity.

There are plenty of amazing, easy yoga stretches and poses that are great for children and can help them learn the benefits of stretching their bodies every day. You’re never too old or too young to enjoy a good stretch!

Some wonderful yoga poses you could start your family off with during your next yoga workout are the Cat Pose, Child’s Pose, Extended Mountain Pose, Lunge Pose, or Warrior 2 Pose. And don’t hesitate to find new and exciting yoga stretches that you and your family can enjoy together!

Enjoy a Nice Bike Ride!

Walking is one of the easiest fitness activities for most families to accomplish, but it’s nice to mix it up sometimes while still enjoying a beautiful day. The solution? Go for a nice bike ride!

Personally, riding bikes is one of my all-time favorite fitness activities, and my family and I often ride our bikes through our neighborhood in order to cut our daily walking routine.

Riding bikes is exciting and fun and can allow you to see more of your neighborhood or local park. Plus, learning to ride a bike is a fundamental part of childhood, so it’s never a bad time to encourage your children to enjoy this amazingly fun activity.

So, grab a helmet, some water, and your favorite people and enjoy the ride!

Get Out in the Garden!

One of the more overlooked family fitness activities has to be getting out and tending to the garden. When we think of exercise, we don’t usually consider gardening to be a more exertive workout.

However, the general muscle pain I experienced after raking and bagging leaves from my backyard would beg to differ.

Gardening is a lot more manual labor than we give it credit for, and it can also be a way to bond with your family while enjoying a beautiful day and nice weather. Not only will you be pushing your body physically, but you will also be creating a rewarding experience that can benefit you for weeks or months to come.

A good workout and a nice vegetable garden to use for healthy cooking recipes? Yes, please!

Fun Family Sports Bonding!

There’s no better way to keep your family healthy and enjoy fun, family fitness activities than encouraging your family to enjoy playing sports! Whether it’s soccer, football, tennis, or softball, getting your children invested in a sport is proven to be a great way to encourage them to stay fit and healthy.

Plus, by actively participating in the sport with them, you are creating an opportunity for bonding and connection, one that they will remember and cherish for years to come. While being on a local team is fun and a great way to support social interactions in young children, simply playing together at home is a fantastic way to keep them active, excited, and happy!

Dance, Dance, Dance!

Another one of my all-time favorite fitness activities, dancing has always been my go-to for fun workouts and healthy bonding. Not only have I been able to enjoy dance workouts with my family over the years, but it has also helped me build long-lasting bonds with friends during different times in my life.

When CoVID first led to lockdowns and quarantines, my roommate at the time and I decided to begin working out together by playing Just Dance every day. Not only was it loads of fun – and a little bit competitive – but it also helped us stay active while we were forced to stay indoors.

Whether you choose to play a dance game, watch and recreate dance tutorials online, or simply blast your favorite tunes and dance around your house until you’re good and sweaty, dancing can be a fun, exciting way to stay fit and healthy without having to go to a gym or public place.

Big Weights and Little Weights!

Fitness activities and staying active can make you feel healthier, build up your endurance, and encourage you to make better decisions for your body during your daily routine. Another great plus to working out? You can also start to feel stronger and more powerful in your body.

If you are looking to build strength and confidence, weightlifting is just the exercise for you! And while it can feel daunting to begin on your own, remember that you don’t have to be alone. A great way to encourage your children to stay active with you is by simply incorporating them into your routine.

Get your children their own little weights and teach them how to work out their biceps, shoulders, back, and triceps. They may not always understand the anatomical reasons for the workouts, but by doing them with you they can begin to learn the importance of exercising different areas of their body.

Not to mention, by completing such an empowering exercise, they too will begin to feel stronger and more confident in their personal power.

Do you know of other fun family fitness activities that we can enjoy with our friends and loved ones? Tell us in the comments!

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